Anime Mugen Apk 540+ Characters Download For Mobile

Hello, anime fans. I have brought a brand new and particular this game for you. This Anime Mugen Apk comes with 540+ Characters you can do in this game free. This game is very cool because you can play this Mugen game without an emulator, and you don’t need to do any verification to download this game. Mugen download android. Read this article by us and follow the rules of download steps given below.

You can play this Mugen apk on three devices like Microsoft windows, apple ios and Linux, android etc. The requirements of this game are significantly less. Yes, this Anime Mugen game can play on a 1GB ram mobile phone Graphics of this game It is of 2D type, and the pixel quality is quite impressive.

This anime Mugen apk is wholly offline, and most of the textures of this game are like the 8-bit game; if you are searching for a good dragon ball anime Mugen apk game, then this Mugen game will be perfect for you because, as I As mentioned above this anime Mugen apk comes with 540+ characters.

Anime Mugen: Apk

Anime Mugen Apk
Anime Mugen Apk

This anime Mugen apk has made in a very proper way, a lot of animation has given in the game, and all the characters of anime Mugen have given in it, for example, one punch man, naruto and dragon ball etc. In other words, this is the complete package of an anime Mugen apk. The names of the main characters of this game are given below.

  • DBZ Characters:- Dragon ball z the most popular anime in the world, which is liked by a lot of anime fans, it has very few mobile games available but in this mugen apk all types of z fighters are available like goku, gohan and vegeta.
  • Naruto:- Naruto’s characters are also given in this anime mugen apk and all the characters have their own three special attacks, one of them is a special move, which reduces the health of the opponent in one go.
  • One Punch Man:- One punch man is a very latest anime whose main character name is Saitama which is very powerful full of this mugen special thing is that this character has also given in it.

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About Of Mugen Apk

More than seven battle modes seen in this Mugen game. Whose complete information given below, and everything has explained.

  • Joy Stick:-In this game, three layouts of joystick have given. Which the user can change according to his own and customize the control of each layout. This video game also supports Android game paid, which makes the game even better.
  • Game Alpha:- With the help of this, the user can reduce the pixel quality of the game. If your device has 2GB of ram, then you can make the game alpha 100%, due to which the graphics of the game will greatly increased.
  • Level:- Through this you can reduce the competition level more like very hard or low etc. This also improves the skill of your game.
  • Player Life:- As it is clear from its name that through this option. The life of the player can reduced like 50% life or 100% etc.
  • Game Timmer:- For example, if you have played acrade games and you also know that every arcade game battled has a timer. Then with the game timer option, you can limit or reduce the time in the game.
  • Screen Size:- Through this mode the user can also change a particular size of the game’s screen. Like in 720p or 1440p etc.
  • No Root Need:- To play this game it not necessary that your mobile must rooted. Means you can play this game without root mobile also.

Game Specifications

The requirements of this game are not very high. However, to play this game, your device must have Android version 6.0.1, and it is necessary to have a processor of the snapdragon 710 series so that the game will not hang in your mobile and you can comfortably play this game. You will be able to play the game at a speed of 60 fps.

If the above game specification is in your mobile then you can play this Anime Mugen Apk game in your mobile without any problem. So go and Mugen Download Android mobile easily.

Anime Mugen Apk Download With Information

Game Name Anime VS Mugen 540+ Characters Download
Game Ram1GB
File TypeApk


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