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Attack On Titan Apk

Welcome my dedicatedly gaming friends and very precious visitors. As always once again I welcome you all to my one and only Website. Which is specially created for you all and goes by the name of What’s so special about this website is that it provides games which are for PC and console. The main part is you can have these games running on your mobile devices. Now I’m providing you all with an attack on the titan game for mobile. The game is Attack on titan APK for all mobile devices such as Android and IOS. This game is like the other two games in the Attack on titans mobile games. Which are an attack on titan wings of freedom and an attack on titan final battle. This game has the overall option and content of both games. Combining into one simple and amazing game.

As you can see in the screenshot of the game I have given. You can really play attack on titan apk without any effort or problems. Attack on titan as a series of manga and anime is very well running in fan’s hearts. As they yell shinzou two sausages and dedicate their hearts to the series. This game is for those fans who don’t have a PC or console in their home. That’s why now play at mobile apk on your phones.

Introduction Attack On Titan Apk

Attack On Titan Apk

Attack on titan is a special game about an anime series. Which goes by the name of either Attack on titan or Shingeki No Kyojin. Attack on titan apk android is a game about the story of the anime. Which focuses on the history of humans and the titans. Whereas the humans got to the brink of extinction when titans whipped them out. After then that everyone started to live on 3 walls named maria, rose, shine.

Even after that one day, a titan appears out of nowhere being over 50 metres tall. Breaking a hole to the wall and letting titans in. Which is the reason Eren’s mom died and since that day he has kept moving forward. He never stopped avenging his mom and getting his freedom. Here you play as eren and the cast in attack on titan game apk. Where you can control them in an open environment surrounding.

Slay as much as titan as you want and get recruitment in the survey corps. There is a total of 3 sections in the human army in aot. Be in the survey corps, military police brigade or the garrison. Each providing a different task to the humanity inside the walls. At the end of the game, you’ll find out that there are humans existing beyond the walls as well. Engage in many breathtaking action slicing combat. Which even have Levi vs Zeke from season 3 part 2.

Some Great Features Of Aot Mobile Apk

  • Complete and join the Survey Corps, Military police brigade or the garrison each having a different purpose.
  • Fight and slay the titans for the sake of the survival of humanity living inside the three walls named after the daughter of Ymir.
  • Join up the main cast of AOT having Erwin smith, Levi, Eren, Mikasa, change and others in the secret mysterious journey of titans.
  • Play the game and covers up the story even from the OVAs from original series like the lost diary of the girl from the forest.
  • Control the special fighting titan slayer gear which our favourite characters use named the 3DM or ODM gear.
  • Take in control of the titans out of the special 9 titans out of Ymir such as Armor titan, Attack titan, female titan etc.
  • Reveals the whole secret about the history of titans and the harsh history of Ymir the slave right into the game.
  • Play attack on titan 2 apk where you can also customise your characters in any way you want to in AOT apk.
  • Use your horses to travel through a large distance in either the free open world play or the survey missions.
  • Attack on titan mobile faithfully follows and catches up all the events of the original attack on the titan series till the end.

Attack On Titan 2 Mobile Gameplay

Attack On Titan Apk
Attack On Titan Apk

If you want pure action-based gameplay then this one is best for you. Being one of the most action-packed games, attack on titan apk offline is here. Play as levi Ackerman, the strongest human soldier and slaughter titans like nothing. Select eren and become the attack titan to demolish everything in his path.

Can play Attack on Titan game on Android?

Yes, now you can play attack on titan game on your android and ios mobile phone, many video games of attack on titan are available for android mobile like an Attack On Titan 2 PPSSPP & Attack On Titan 2 Mobile etc. You can download the attack on titan 1 from our website, follow the steps given below to download it on android and ios mobile phones.

Review & Rating Of Game Graphics

The graphics designing of the attack on titan mobile apk is similar to that of Attack on titan 2 apk. This means the model isn’t copy paste but there’s a good quality improvement in-game. The quality and structure of titans have more variety as well. There are more types of numerous titans as per the previous game.

Additional Details About Of Attack On Titan Game Apk

Game NameAttack On Titan Wing Of Freedom
Developer NameOmega Force
PublisherKoei Tecmo
SeriesAttack On Titan
Game-Based Animated Series
Release Date18 February 2016
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How to download Attack On Titan Apk Offline For Android

  1. Progress onto the download button to Download Attack on Titan app Android and IOS mobiles.
  2. Download the game by progressing through the website and patiently waiting for the link to generate for you.
  3. Simply wait for download game attack on titan 2 androids to get download to start slaying titans.
  4. Actually before installing the game allow the option of allowing unknown resources to get install.
  5. Then just normally install attack on titan gale wing apk for android and IOS then just wait for it.
  6. When the game is completely downloaded or installed you need to open the game and give it permissions.
  7. Then if you want to adjust the settings or the configuration of the game then you may as well as please in options.
  8. Now you can play aot mobile fangame apk or aot fan game apk and join the survey corps to save humanity under walls.


Q1) How do you download Attack on Titan?

A1) If you want to download the attack on titan game on a mobile phone so please follow the all download step to download the attack on titan wing of the freedom video game on android, iOS & macOS etc.

Q2) Is the AOT game free?

A2) Now an epic attack on titan wing of freedom is available for free on mobile.


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