Ben 10 Power Trip APK+OBB Free Download For (No Verification) Android/iOS

If you love the Ben 10 aliens and its story, then we have brought an amazing and thrilling game that is inspired by the Ben 10 show. The game is Ben 10 power trip apk which is a 3-D open-world video game that comes with a unique concept that you will not see in an 8th other action-adventure game.

Ben 10 power trip mobile game is known for its gameplay and storyline that make it more enjoyable to play. In this article, we will discuss complete information about this Ben 10 power trip apk game, its gameplay, storyline, characters, aliens, and many more things.

About Of Ben 10 Power Trip APK OBB

Ben 10 Power Trip APK OBB
Ben 10 Power Trip Android

Ben 10 power trip android is a popular action-packed video game that focuses on Ben 10 and its aliens. Ben 10 power trip apk is offered by PHL Collective and created by Outright Games for various devices such as Xbox, PC, PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, and many more devices. The game uses Omnitrix which helps gamers to transform into various aliens to defeat various powerful enemies.

The ben 10 power trip game download for android apk game depicts a real story in which Ben has to Reveal the Truth after four mysterious crystals create a problem in his world. It is a self-sacrificing game where players can turn into many mysterious unknown creatures and fight together with enemies and criminals to save the world. This is the first Ben 10 open-world video game that is released to combine two different ways to Transform an Unknown Person.

Ben 10 Power Trip Android Apk Important Features

The ben 10 power trip download for the android game comes with many fabulous features that make it a more enjoyable and exciting game. Below we have mentioned some of the features

Solve Puzzles

While exploring various places, especially Europe in the ben 10 power trip apk download game, the player has to solve various puzzles. Moreover, the gamers need to solve them to progress in the game. Also, they might get lots of rewards such as coins, you can visit various places in Europe as a reward such as mountains, villages, and forests, etc.

Run Mini Cycles

This Ben 10 Power Trip game is a very adventurous game to play on your mobile device. You can use the mini-cycles which help the player to run fast and jump mountains and rock in the game. Moreover, these mini-cycles are very enjoyable and make them more exciting to play.

Fight With Enemies

No doubt, in this game, you will get to see various enemies with which you have to fight with them. Moreover, to fight with them, you have to use various techniques, moves to take down the enemies very easily and quickly. So, keep in mind that you have to use different tactics to battle with different enemies.

Transform To Various Characters

Most importantly, the gamers can easily transform into various characters during the battle inside the game. You have to use various aliens according to the situation inside the battle. Like, the gamers can change the alien, if they want to run fast or fight with monsters so that they can adapt to the behaviour of the game.

It’s Ben 10 Power Trip In Play Store

This game is not available in the play store n addition, the Ben 10 Power Trip apk game comes with high-quality graphics which make it more enjoyable to play. Also, the graphics of this game make it look more realistic. Due to its 3-D graphics, the gamers can enjoy the 3-D environments or surroundings of this game.

Explore Various Places

Moreover, the ben 10 power trip download apk is an open-world game that helps you to explore various places.  Also, you have to complete various missions inside the game like solving various puzzles, fighting with various other aliens or enemies, and many more. The main thing you have to do is to defeat the main enemies in the game to finish its gameplay.

An Interesting Plot

The plot of this ben 10 power trip ios game is very interesting and exciting to play as it is about Ben Tennyson and his family. The main thing is that they have to get out from the red-hot beach where they have suddenly been struck by Black Magic. The vicious Hex evokes four confusing gems and uses its combined power to bring in terrifying animals from Void. Ben needs the help of the Player to leave the disgusting Hex programs out of the way. Ben wears the Omnitrix which helps him to change into various lines to deal with many enemies in his journey.

Characters Ben 10 Power Trip Mod Apk

This ben ten power trip apk download game allows you to play with many characters and fight with many enemies. Also, it allows you to transform into various aliens. Moreover, you can use these aliens in various situations according to their abilities, strength, and many more things.

  • Characters: Quad Smack, Heatblast, Diamondhead, Thornblade, Rath, Bashmouth, Four Arms, Shock Rock, Hot Shot, XLR8, Crystalfist, and many more.
  • Alines: Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin, Max Tennyson, Hex Tree Monster, Ranger Ryan, Rock Monster, Lord Decibel, Ice Monster, and many more

Gameplay Of Ben 10 Power Trip Mobile Game

The ben 10 power trip game download apk game comes with an exciting and adventure gameplay that you will not see in any other game. It’s an open-world 3D game that helps gamers to explore various places to complete various levels inside the game. Moreover, the gamers have to control the Ben Tennyson and its aliens which they can use in various situations inside the game. Also, they have to use the aliens according to the ability, strength of enemies which they are fighting so that they can easily take down them.

At the beginning of the ben 10 power trip apk game, the aliens come with two Special Attacks, one Ultimate move, and many others they can unlock later in the game. Most importantly, they play various gaming modes such as story mode, co-op mode which are more exciting to play. In this co-op mode, the gamers can control the Kevin Levin, not its aliens, and can team up with bento to defeat the enemies in the game.

How To Collect Coins In This Ben 10 Power Trip Game?

The ben 10 power trip apk download for the android game allows you to face the Hex enemies. In its journey, the gamers will face many challenges which they have to face and complete. While doing various missions in the game, the gamers can earn lots of coins. They can get coins by doing various things such as exploring various places in the animated world, defeating various enemies, completing the missions, and doing their work at the missions. Moreover, the gamers can invest in the game to purchase various items inside the game. Also, you can upgrade various anime abilities and can unlock various moves using the coins. Also, you can do various other things like complete various non-playable missions which help you to earn more coins without playing such a game.

Technical Information Of Ben 10 Power Trip Apk Without Verification

Game Name Ben 10 Power
Developed ByPHL Collective
Version Of GameV1.0.0.18
Published ByOutright Games
Android Version Required6.0 and up
Also Download Other Games

How To Download Ben 10 Power Trip Apk OBB Data For Android

  • Firstly, tap the link given below to get the Ben 10 power trip apk file and OBB file.
  • After downloading, give access to unknown source permission inside the security option.
  • Then, double click on the apk file of this  Ben 10 power trip game and you have to wait for some time until this game gets installed.
  • After installing it, take and copy the Ben 10 power trip OBB file to the right folder inside the file manager
  • Now, you have to open this Ben 10 power trip game and enable all required permission.
  • Finally, start enjoying the characters and aliens of this fantastic game.


This ben 10 power trip apk game is a full-packed action game that is developed for gamers who love to play fighting and adventure games. It is inspired by the famous show i.e. Ben 10 which brings the feeling of old age. Moreover, we hope all your queries regarding this Ben 10 Power Trip game get resolved by reading this post.

Overall, this game is a top-rated game among gamers due to its interesting gameplay, animated graphics, exciting story, and many more. So, we recommend you to play this Ben 10 power trip game and enjoy its gaming modes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. Can we get Ben 10 Power Trips for free?

A1. Yes, you can get this Ben 10 Power Trips game for free of cost from the below mentioned downloading button. Most importantly, by playing this version of the game, you don’t have to pay inside the game.

Q2. Is Ben 10 Power Trips available on iOS?

A2. This Ben 10 Power Trips game is available for an iOS phone. Moreover, to play this game on an iOS device, the users have to get the IPA file of this fantastic game instead of an apk file. Also, you require the latest version of iOS and a minimum 4GB RAM phone.

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