Camp Buddy APK Download 2.2.4 (Latest Version) For Android

App NameCamp Buddy APK + OBB
File Size1.25GB
Latest Versionv2.3
Android VersionAndroid 5.0 and Above
DeveloperBlits Game
Last UpdatedSeptember 2022
Total Downloads10M+

As we know there are lots of simulation games available in the market in different genres and are loved by lots of gamers because of their gameplay along with an interesting storyline that makes them unique. That we have brought such a game which you will definitely love. The Camp Buddy apk is one such simulation game which is popular among gamers because of its endearing and exciting gameplay along with storyline that will not make you bored while playing the game. In this game, the gamers will also get to enjoy camping and great games and it is based on a great novel Body Camp.

Camp Buddy mobile is one of the best novel based simulation games which is developed for those who love to play these types of the game on their mobile devices.  In this game, there are lots of characters and have to play more than 70 adventure levels which makes the Camp buddy apk game more enjoyable and endearing. There are also many historical characters in this game and you can choose one of your favorite characters. This game is a fun way to kill time when you are bored. Now, let’s know more information about this Camp Buddy game, especially its storyline and characters which appear in the game.

Camp Buddy APK Information

Camp Buddy APK

Camp Buddy is an exciting mobile game based on the story of a boy, which has become popular among players due to its interesting story. If you like novel based simulation games, you will love this game. Camp Buddy is a real-life game where players can take on the role of Kitar, go up against 15 other personalities and play out a story based on that character’s personality. This involves additional settings. Camp Buddy apk download game is a world of friendship, love and adventure. Of course, everyone wants free time. In addition, each of us likes to spend time outside many cities for the purpose of spending free time. So Camping APK is the best option to enjoy all this. Everything is of course in one place.

Camp Buddy Android APK Gameplay

Camp Buddy APK
Camp Buddy APK

Camp Buddy apk is a life simulation game where you play as a boy named Kitaro Nagageme. You attend summer camp with your childhood friends. Kitaro, sitting on vacation, has almost all the campers, mood, interests, etc. He realized that he is different. Kataro put everything in his hands to make Kampibudi a beautiful and happy place for everyone. Every decision Kitar makes affects the rest of the game.

A simple game with a simple environment. At first it was like child’s play. But then some adventures will tell you the true value of this game. This is not just an adventure. Also, all guides must be unlocked to know everything about Camp Buddy mode. In addition, there are more than 150 portraits and paintings. Kitaro also needs your help to finish his journal. So you can help him by recalling his childhood memories.

Features Of Camp Buddy Mobile APK Latest Version

Different Characters

One of the best feature of this Camp Buddy apk OBB game is that you will get  to see many characters mentioned above in this game. You have complete freedom to communicate with everyone. And get chance to create a special bond with someone you find more attractive and compatible. This feature makes the game more interesting and exciting so that you will not get bored while playing the game on mobile devices.

Adventure Levels

Moreover, the Camp Buddy Mod Apk allows you to play more than 70 levels which are full of adventure and makes the game more interesting. Now people like to play more challenging games with this game. So this game suits people’s preferences. All these levels are unlimited and each level has a different location. If you want to see different beautiful places.

Graphics Quality

Another main feature of this Camp buddy apk download for android game is that it comes with high quality graphics that make the game more interesting and attractive that you will love to play game more times. The environment and location looks amazing and interesting. In addition, the colors are accurate and bright, giving an interesting and attractive look. Download Camp Buddy and experience something new and unusual.

Free to Play

Furthermore, the Camp Buddy download game is free of cost which means you don’t have to pay for playing the game and also you don’t have to pay inside the game for purchasing the items in the game. It’s more fun to play multiplayer and enjoy different locations. The game can also be played offline so you can enjoy it whenever you want. In the game, you will enjoy building a strong bond with other campers and sharing many funny stories with each other.

Different Scenes

Although the entire game takes place in Buddy’s camp, there are different locations to explore. The  game also has many hidden detail scenes in different versions. But here we offer the original Camp Buddy game. You get the original soundtrack and character acting. Download the latest Camp Buddy APK android file from this page to update the game and enjoy the latest features.

Camp Buddy MOOD APK Highlights

This Camp Buddy apk game is about Kitaro and his childhood friend. Two ideas for a summer camp adventure. But the camp has fun adventures and fun characters to entertain you. The game is based on a provocative novel with a light theme. Gamers with apk mods will enjoy playing in friends’ camps and exploring sites worth visiting.

In addition, since the player is far from the city, the company requires flexibility in decision-making. So, in addition to choosing a bed, consider the nearest city, administration and costs. Camping buddy mod apk for Android and iOS is full of interesting stories. In addition to adventure, danger also lurks near the camp. As a player, you have to experience a peaceful adventure and unite your friends in the camp.

How To Play

This Camp Buddy apk game is easy. You can play without any problem. All buttons are clearly visible on the screen. You can easily control your character. You can learn about different camps at summer camp. Experienced campers have plenty of stories to entertain people. You can create an emotional connection to help him make up his mind. You can also create many unforgettable memories with it.

This Camp buddy iOS game is full of adventure. I am sure that you will be diving here for the rest of your life. This game is among the top 10 simulation games. In addition, you can enjoy the best features like many characters, endless levels and everything is unlimited. Before downloading Camp Buddies, read the full article to learn about this game.

How To Download Camp Buddy APK OBB For Android

Camp Buddy apk OBB download for android  game is developed by Blitz Games and was released a few weeks ago. If you like sims, you will love this game. Despite its small size, it has a very unique gameplay and story unlike any other mobile simulation game. Camp Buddy is not officially available for Android. The developer of the game created a scaled down version of the game using the official Camp Buddy game files for the console and PC versions.

  • Click the link to download Camp Buddy apk file and it will start automatically.
  • After that, you need to click the Camp Buddy file twice inside the download folder.
  • After clicking on it, a pop-up window will appear and you need to wait for some time after allowing unknown sources.
  • After successful installation, paste Camp buddy OBB file at the correct folder inside the OBB folder. 
  • Finally, start enjoying the gaming experience along with the interesting storyline of this game.


Can I download Camp Buddy for Android?

Camp Buddy is usually a paid game, costing between $49 and $89 depending on the type of game and download package. If you don’t want to pay for the game and want to play it on your PC, you can download the Camp Buddy APK + OBB file from this page.

Is Camp Buddy Free?

The Camp Buddy download game is free of cost which means you don’t have to pay for playing the game and also you don’t have to pay inside the game for purchasing the items in the game. You can get the app for free here, but you can subscribe for pro features if you want.

Is Camp Buddy available for iOS?

Is Camp Buddy available for iOS?

How to update Camp Buddy on mobile?

This game is not officially available and will not receive updates from Play Store. To receive updates and new versions of the game, you should visit this page again and download the latest version of the game as an APK file.

Final Words

Camping buddy apk is the most famous and popular mobile game which is popular among people every day. There are several games like Camp Buddy in the list of best simulators for Android, so give it a try at least once. We played alone and honestly, it worked really well. As this is an adult game, the developer recommends it only for people over 18 years of age and children should not play it.

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