Welcome My unique fans and one of a kind friends or epic gamers. I welcome you all to my website named as Android1roms.com . Where i always provide many kinds of Video games specially for mobile gamers. Which means you can have these games into your mobile devices. Players can play all of these entertaining games into their Android device or IOS device with this website help. That is why the game i have for you all is one of the hardest games ever made. The name of the game is Cuphead PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed for Android and IOS devices. Cuphead psp iso is a very amazing and enjoying full 60 fps game having a platform like gameplay. Where the graphics feels like a very old school ones last seen on old Cartoons. Which is like micky mouse and other toons which used to air.

The game Cuphead PPSSPP ISO Zip File For Android is known to be one of the most toughest and hardest games ever made. Which some players finds very exciting and some finds very Frustrating. It depends on you how to handle the game and its difficulty. Keeping the difficulty aside, the game is really enjoyable and that is why it is very popular. Everything looks like its straight out of a cartoon series because of the looks of game.

Introduction Of Cuphead PPSSPP ISO File


Cuphead is a Platforming running and combat video game. Which is created on 2017 year for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS. It features Two playback characters which are literally a cup that is why the name of game is cup head. You get 3 lives and you have to compromise them while dealing with non stop action. The mechanic of the game deals with gun or shooting.

The attacks for both of those cup heads are really just a hand finger gun. The graphics of the game is heavily inspired by rubber hose style of animation. Which was used in old ages to create the cartoons. Due to this the game already looks very unique and interesting. Although its difficulty isn’t as amusing as the graphics are. The game Cuphead ppsspp download features gameplay of One player or Two player mode.

For now the game was only for High end devices to run on. Now you can play the game directly into your mobile device such as Android or IOS. The main protagonist of the game is Titular having his brother mugman alongside him. Join both of these buddies into their journey of fun adventure and harsh fightings. Where they encounter many hard and tough sections of levels which are literally the whole levels. As the game is over all hard and not just a single section or anything.

The Some Great Features of Cuphead PSP Rom

  • The game is praised for its amazing soundtracks, level designing, graphics, Character designing etc.
  • Known to be one of the most hardest games ever made because of Cuphead ppsspp iso download Gameplay.
  • Feature two of the cuphead buddies as the main protagonist of the game which are both playable in the game.
  • Many harsh, thrilling, hard, amusing and mind blowing boss battles which is really made well in every kind of aspect.
  • Now playable directly into your android device or IOS devices with the help of psp emulator and the game file below.
  • Platforming game having running and shooting gameplay functions which makes the game much more enjoyable.
  • Needs a very small requirements of having only 1GB of RAM free and as well as only 500 MB of the internal space.
  • Many types of levels or stages contain in the game which you have to pass in order to win the main mode of the game.
  • Cuphead ppsspp file have graphics which is based upon the american cartoons of the 90’s which is nostalgic for all of us.
  • Pass on world to world with even a multiplayer game mode available for you and your friend to enjoy in Download Cuphead android.

The Review On Graphics Of Game

Cuphead android ppsspp graphics feels like the cartoonish Graphics which were used to air in 90’s. The american cartoons always been nostalgic to all of us for sure. Cuphead also have similar a yellow vintage filter along with 60fps graphics. Including the cartoonish models and soundtracks like the old school cartoons. All of these mixes up and makes the game Cuphead which made fans really love the game. While playing the game, I bet every gamer felt the nostalgia of cartoons we used to watch as a kid.

Aniamted Boss Fight

As you can see in the image i have given for the game cuphead download. Everything including the characters looks very well designed as a cartoon as well. Each world have many levels and in every level you will face a boss in a boss fight. At the end of the last world which is the world 4, you’ll fight a true devil as well. Since the game was very very hard, there are different game modes for each boss fight. There are Easy, medium, difficult, mode named as simple, normal and expert mode. Where the normal mode isn’t available for the last two bosses for obvious reasons.

Short Info Of Cuphead PPSSPP Game

Game NameMy Summer Car PPSSPP
DeveloperStudio MDHR
File Size130MB
Published byStudio MDHR
PlatformAndroid & PSP
Android/iOS device4.0+ & iOS 7+
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How to Download Cuphead PPSSPP ISO File for Android

  1. Click on the download button to Download Cuphead ppsspp iso for mobile devices like Android & IOS.
  2. Proceed to Download the game by progressjng through the website and follow the steps given.
  3. After that then you need to install ppsspp emulator from playstore or any website into your phone Device.
  4. Extract out the game downloaded by any RAR file opener app in your mobile like ZArchive or Winrar application.
  5. Inside the ppsspp emulator, look for your game’s directory in the download folder of your mobile device.
  6. Open up the game by just clicking on the game in ppsspp, which is the Psp emulator for mobile platforms.
  7. Set up the settings as you would like to according to your comfort from the Main menu in the game Cuphead.
  8. Then make a save file and save your profile in the game Cuphead ppsspp or else you have to start from the beginning.
  9. After that you can play Cuphead ppsspp game in your phones without any kind of problem or issues with it
  10. Enjoy the very exciting, mind blowing, hard experience of the retro jump and gun game such as Cuphead apk.


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