Welcome my pro-level skilled gamers and very kindhearted visitors. I welcome all of you to my Graphically designed website. Which name is popular by the word of Android1roms.com. The special part about this website is that it contains extraordinary games. Which are although actually for PC and Consoles. But now playable on android and IOS. The game I have for you all today is the newest dragon ball game. Yes my friends it’s true that you can finally play this on mobile. Have dragon ball z kakarot android app for both Android and IOS devices. Dragon ball z kakarot apk android is the newest instalment as in the Dragon ball Gaming franchise. Keeping the check of Goku’s adventure once again in-game.

Play as Goku and his company in an open world of Dragon ball. Getting the open-world in-game really makes the game stand out than any other game in past. Deliver blows to blows against your enemy in a fully free move to surround. Not only that but your surroundings are Full destructible as well. Enjoy the feels of Dragon ball z kakarot android download just like the Dragon ball anime.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK Game Information

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK

DBZ Kakarot apk is an open world action-adventure and role-playing game. Recently created by the official creators of the game. Where the developers are BANDAI NAMCO, CyberConnect2. The publisher of the game is BANDAI NAMCO, Namco Bandai Games America Inc. The game of course no doubtlessly follows and covers fully events of Dragon ball anime.

Dragon ball anime is a series created originally by Akira Toyama. Following Goku and his journey from his young times to his old times. Where he face off many adventurous events and powerful opponents. Experience that journey now directly into your Android or IOS mobiles. It is possible by installing the APK file which I’m providing down below.
All you need to do is download and install it to play. Cyberconnect2 also took part in the development of the game. This means the graphics of the game may have similarities to that of the Naruto Storm series. Go through many transformations of Goku and his friends. While battling tough opponents while using different kinds of Signature and ultimate moves as well.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Mobile Game Features

  • Dragon ball z apk download contains not only the experience of playing Goku but his friends as well.
  • Explore the environment in the full-wide and huge open world of Dragon ball having its landmarks.
  • Transform into all forms of Super Saiyan and as well as the Super Saiyan God forms in the DLC pack.
  • Train and level up your character to have it learn more powerful moves from the original Dragon Ball anime.
  • The game Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Android gameplay covers up The whole saga of DBZ which is lastly buu saga.
  • Obtain many flying sources as well which includes the all-time favourite Flying Nimbus, Tao Pai Pai piller etc.
  • Interact through many NPC – non-playable characters in the world of Dragon ball including eighter, launch and more.
  • Play the game Download Dragon ball z android apk without any internet connection or any kind of lag in there.
  • Dragon ball z kakarot android is a fully free game to play and download from the links which are given below down there.
  • Fly, run, jump, go fishing, camp, eat and do many kinds of Daily slice of life things right here on dbz kakarot ios.

Open-World Graphics

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK

The graphics are developed by CyberConnect2 who are also behind the Naruto Storm series. The graphics are much likely the newer animation style of Dragon ball super. The special “ki” moves available in-game also feels very amazing and dynamic in look. The at most 60fps or 30fps looks very solid while playing the game. While playing the game you’ll also encounter many flashy effects which makes the gameplay better.

Combat System Of Game

In DBZ kakarot android apk you can fight just like in the anime. Lock on to anime and bash them up with your combos and special moves. Approach, defend, vanish, use afterimage techniques and more. If you combine all of this, you’ll feel like you’re in the world of Dragon ball Anime. Fighting gives you experience points in-game. Your level gets increase by collecting more and more points. By levelling up your character of course gets stronger and stronger.

Game System Requirement

Although the game Dragon ball z kakarot android apk is a high-end game. The concern in most of your games must have is that. If the game needs high requirements to run the game or what. Then don’t be worry my friends as I’m providing you with a very stable game. Which even runs on android or IOS having 1GB RAM and 1GB space in the device. That’s the minimum requirement for the game to run on your mobile devices.

Latest Information Of Dragon Ball Kakarot Apk

Game NameDragon Ball Z Kakarot
Developer NameCyberConnect2
PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment Inc
Size Of File30Mb
SeriesDragon Ball
Required Android4.0+ and up
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How To Download The Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk Without Verification For Mobile

  • Proceed onto the download button to Download Dragon ball Z Kakarot mobile for Android and IOS.
  • Download the game by progressing through the site and patently waiting for the link to be generated.
  • Kindly wait for Dragon ball z kakarot apk + obb to get download in your phone so you can run it.
  • Actually before installing the game allow the option of allowing unknown resources to get on in phone.
  • After that normally install Dragon ball z kakarot apk for android and IOS and wait for it to get installed.
  • When the game is completely downloaded and also installed you need to provide the permission it needs to run.
  • Then you need to made or create an account so that you can save up the progress with an official id like gmail.
  • Now you can play Dragon ball z kakarot for mobile as much as you want to without any kinds of time limit.


Q1) Is dbz karkarot apk offline

A1) Yes, this Dbz Karkarot apk game is an offline game as it doesn’t support multiplayer features. So, you can not play this Dragon Ball z Kakarot iOS game online with cousins, family, chums, or others. This criterion may be contemporized in the future.

Q2) Can you play karkarot on android?

A2) The answer is yes now you can play the dbz kakarot game on an android mobile phone. You need the follow the instructions to download the game on your mobile phone.

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