Hello buddies!! Looking for an entertaining and puzzle-based game? If so, then don’t panic as we have shared an amazing and exciting game that is based on real-life escape rooms. The game is an Escape Simulator PPSSPP game that comes with exciting gameplay which is loved by many gamers.

Escape Simulator is well known for its interesting storyline which allows the gamers to build their rooms as well as co-op. So, for curious people who want to know more about this Escape Simulator PPSSPP Game, its gaming modes, intense gameplay, amazing features and many more, then follow till the end.

What Is Escape Simulator PPSSPP ISO

Escape Simulator PPSSPP

Escape Simulator PPSSPP ISO is a popular and trending first-person puzzle video game which is offered by Pine Studio. Most importantly, in this game, you can take the various items, inspect them and break them. Also, the gamers have the main motive to find a way to escape the locked structures. Moreover, the Escape Simulator can be accessed or played on various platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, Android, iOS, Windows, MacBook, and many more.

Key Of Features Escape Simulator : PSP ISO

One of the reasons to love this Escape Simulator PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed game is that it comes with high-quality graphics. Also, its 2-D animated graphic makes it a more enjoyable and interesting game to play on any device. Moreover, the additions of hd texture to the object make it more enjoyable to play.

Interactive Puzzles

In addition, the game allows you to play the Escape Simulator PSP ISO game in 20 rooms filled in which you can solve various interactive puzzles that make it more enjoyable and interesting to play. Most importantly, the difficulty of the puzzle increases when you progress in the game.

Completely safe & free

Most importantly, the Escape Simulator provides a safe and secure platform to users. Also, the developer of the game always provides a secured environment to its user so that the users can build trust in the game. In addition, the game is free to play and you don’t have to pay inside the game.

Enjoyable Game

Moreover, this simulation game is so much interesting to play due to its entertaining storyline and gameplay. That’s the main reason why this Escape game is played by many people because of its enjoyable performance and unique gaming style which you will not see in any other simulation game.

Online Co-Op

Additionally, you will get to play an online co-op mode in which you get a chance to explore various rooms that can be played online. We recommend playing indoor rooms with up to 3 players (but welcome to play with others). Public rooms were inspected with up to 10 people. Customize your character and collaborate with friends to fix the issues together. Many heads are better than one.

Highly Compatible

Moreover, the Escape Simulator PPSSPP game is highly compatible which allows you to play on various devices such as PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, MacBook, Linux, Android, iOS and many more. In addition, you have to follow the minimum requirements to get a lag-free gaming experience.

Explore All

Read books, explore ancient art objects and find clues to riddles. Need to break the index? No, problem – just pin it on the screen. The game features a room planner that you can design your own escape rooms and puzzles. With the integration of the workshop, you get to play good things created by the community.

My Reviews On Escape Simulator PPSSPP ISO Zip File

Escape Simulator PPSSPP is the best escape room game available, and you should pick it up. Escape Simulator is a great way to get an escape room without leaving the house. The smooth gameplay and real-time puzzle solves make for a fun experience. It is a puzzle fan dream and If you like escape rooms and solve puzzles, this is a game you need to have in your library.

Enjoy Different Room Packs Escape Simulator Apk Game

In addition, you have to play the game solo and get a chance to explore highly interactive escape rooms. You can do various things like moving furniture, taking and inspecting everything, smashing pots and breaking locks. Also, the game supports community-made rooms with a level planner.

Labyrinth Of Egypt

In addition, the first room pack is Labyrinth of Egypt of the Escape Simulator PPSSPP game which was introduced when it was launched. You have to complete various puzzles inside this room like first they will go to First Chamber room where they have to encounter various puzzles which they have to solve to escape from that room, then Chamber of Dead, Gold Chamber, Chamber of Danger and Finally The Top. That’s why, the main motive of the gamers is to escape from this room pack.

Adrift In Space

Another room pack is Adrift in Space which is very interesting to play because of its unique gaming style. This was introduced during the launch and considered most interesting to play. It starts when you look at yourself in the Rooms called Emergency Awakening which have spaceships surrounding, then Hallway, Accident, The Lab, Decompression Chamber, and finally Space Walk. You will encounter this when you complete the first room pack.

Edgewood Mansion

Moreover, the third room pack is Edgewood Mansion which is introduced during the launch. Similarly, like the other room packs, in this you also have to pass six rooms such as Brain Checkup, The Library, The Attic, Lost Spirits and The Underground Lab which you have to escape from. That’s why, to escape from that room pack, you have to solve various puzzles.

Omega Corporation

Omega Corporation is a fourth room package in Escape Simulator PPSSPP game. Unlike the first three packets, it was not released at launch, but rather after that. It is the only package so far where its rooms have not been removed with a single update at a time. At the launch of the package, only two chambers were exposed, before the other three were introduced to Omega regeneration. You have to escape these six rooms like other room packs such as The Lobby, The Office, Executive Office, The Elevator, and Metaverse.

System Requirements Escape Simulator Android Apk

To get the lag free gaming experience of this Escape Simulator PPSSPP game, your phone should follow minimum specifications which we have mentioned below.

  • Operating System: Android, iOS, windows, and MacBook
  • Processor: You phone should have latest octa-core excellent processor and should have minimum X64 architecture with SSE2 instruction.
  • Memory: Your phone should have at least 4GB RAM and windows devices should have 4GB RAM.
  • Graphics: Your laptop should have X10-capable GPU graphics.
  • Storage: Your phone should have at least 12 GB free space on your both windows devices and android.

Overall Summary

Without any doubt, the Escape Simulator PPSSPP game is the best choice for gamers who want to experience a unique gaming style. One of the most interesting things about the game is that it allows you to explore various types of rooms such as Labyrinth of Egypt, Adrift in Space, Edgewood Mansion, and Omega Corporation which make it more enjoyable and thrilling to play. So, we suggest you try and download this Escape Simulator game and start enjoying its gameplay.

How To Download Escape Simulator PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed

  • The first process is to enable the unknown source permissions inside the browser setting.
  • Then, you have to click on the link and get the Escape Simulator PPSSPP ISO Zip File.
  • After this, you have to download any extractor from the play store and extract the ISO file of the Escape Simulator.
  • Now, you have to download the PSP Emulator and open it on mobile devices.
  • After this, you have to grant the necessary permission and find the iSO file for this Escape Simulator game.
  • Finally, click on it and start enjoying the gameplay, gaming mode and graphics.


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