FIFA 18 APK + OBB Full Version Download For Android/iOS (Offline)

File Size2.08 GB
Developer NameEA Sports
OSAndroid/ PSP
Requirements5.1 and up

Hello football lovers, today we bring you the most popular football simulation video games for Android mobile phones. This FIFA 18 APK is a soccer game with Full High Definition (FHD) graphics that is easy to play on your smartphone. The build quality of the game is fantastic, and you feel like you are playing with a FIFA dream team. This soccer game also offers World Cup 2018 match mode with 32 participating national teams and all stadiums used in World Cup 2018. Let’s know more about this FIFA 18 game, its gameplay, gaming modes, updated features, installation process, and many more.

FIFA 23 is the 25th football simulation video game in the FIFA series released by Electronic Arts Sports (EA Sports) for all game consoles, including PSP, Nintendo Switch, XBOX and Android. FIFA 18 apk game has improved a lot in graphics and has become more realistic because the developers want it to be better than before. This game, like other soccer games, has two modes. Multiplayer mode, single-player mode, etc. The game is the first 100-player football game released for the entire console series and includes 11 new players.

What Is FIFA 18 APK

FIFA 18 Android APK + Offline Version

FIFA 18 for Android has a fun multiplayer game that many people like. In addition, this football simulation game allows you to play various gaming modes such as career mode, Kick-off mode, Event mode and many more. Furthermore, each gaming mode comes with similar gameplay and graphics quality, but you will receive different rewards in each gaming mode. Also, you will have to manage the finance, team players, position of players, tactics, and many more things of your team, which you will create in this FIFA 18 apk game.

To win a particular soccer match, players must score more goals than the opponent and defend the opponent’s goal. Players must practice before the match. It helps you quickly train different soccer skills such as shooting, dribbling, defending, attacking, passing and shooting and enables you to shoot and defend goals during the game.

FIFA 18 Mobile APK For Android Features

FIFA 18 APK + OBB Offline Version
FIFA 18 Mobile APK Unlimited Money
FIFA 18 MOD APK Unlimited Money

PlayStation 4 (PS4) Camera

This FIFA 18 apk game uses a new camera called PS5. Games now have a wider field of view than before, and this camera also improves the quality of game graphics. The latest version of this game supports the PS$ camera feature to enhance your gaming experience.

Kits 2018

You can see many new kits in FIFA 18, which make the game more exciting and favor the players. Among them are Kaizer Chiefs, Inter Milan, Barcelona and Forest Green Rovers.

Champions League

This FIFA 18 apk game adds a new UEFA Champions League where you can play 2017-2018 matches in this Champions League. Other Champions Leagues are also available, including Kickoff Mode and Career Mode.

Simple And Easy Controls

Additionally, the game comes with simple controls; satem and allows you to choose standard or advanced controls depending on your preference. You can unlock different soccer techniques such as goal, pass, shot, dribble and long pass by controlling the player.

Unique Goal Celebration

To make the FIFA 18 apk game more realistic, our engineers added a unique flower festival feature to the game. He celebrates to his heart’s content whenever a player scores a goal.

Improved Commentary

The commentaries in previous FIFA games were also very good, like FIFA 17, FIFA 16 and many more, but this FIFA 18 game has good commentaries.

What’s Is The New Update On FIFA 18 Android APK

  • Introducing Real Player Motion Technology, an animation system that brings out the emotions and personalities of players.
  • In the latest update, the developer introduced many new players in FIFA 18 APK to make it more interesting. Aaron Ramsey, Aaron Van-Bissaka, Oliver Bildgaard, Darwin Nunes, Arthur Mello, Aster Vraneks, Hulk, Pep Bale, Anthony and many more players joined.
  • Tim Styles brings home the tactics of the most famous club in the world. The developer of this FIFA 18 game has improved the tactics, which have made more opportunities for the players to win the match.
  • The creator of this FIFA 18 game has added many new leagues in the latest update of this game so that the players can enjoy the game. Added English Premier League, A-League, Bundesliga, Belgian Premier League, Brazilian Championship, Ligue 1, Ligue 2, German Bundesliga and more.
  • Real-time positioning, cinematic environment evaluation, special pitch equipment, clay pitches, club and stadium banners, adaptive Commentary and pitch quality changes create this FIFA 18 apk game perfect for football fans.

How To Play FIFA 18 MOD APK Game

You can play different game modes in this FIFA 18 apk game, and each mode is different. The game mode has fascinating gameplay that keeps you entertained and entertained while playing.

Career Mode

In this mode, you have to create a soccer team with your favorite players, which you have to use to play the football match with anyone, like friends, family members or any other random person. This gaming mode allows your o play different matches such as final matches, friendly matches, and many more.

Manager Mode

This gaming mode allows gamers to play as a manager of the team. You will have to manage all the thighs of your team, like signing new players, tactics, finance, training your team players, the position of the player in a team, and many more.

Event Mode

This is one of the best game modes of this football game because it allows the gamers to win lots of exciting rewards like game currency, players, skills tokens, gold coins and many more while winning the match or completing a particular task such as score 3 goals or many more.

Kickoff Mode

This FIFA 18 APK game mode allows players to play with any other player online with your team and can also compete with the stars online. It is considered to be one of the best modes because you simply have to click this mode and start playing the football match with any other player online. You can then use this team to play soccer against the computer or other teams.

How To Download FIFA 18 APK + OBB Full Version For Android

Now that we have discussed this game’s features and characteristics let’s look at the FIFA 18 Mobile download section. You can scroll down if you have downloaded the game from the internet and know the process. However, if you are new to this download, follow the steps below to download the game correctly. APK, OBB, and even updated files are only available on this site. Here are the steps:

  • First, you must open the Android Settings app on your mobile device.
  • Then, simply click the Security option inside the settings.
  • Open the Unknown sources option using the toggle button on the front panel, which you will find inside the Device Manager.
  • Once done, click the above button to download the FIFA 18 APKand OBB file.
  • Now, simply click the apk file of this FIFA 18 game and wait for a while until this game gets installed.
  • After this, you have to copy the FIFA 18 OBB file and paste it inside your phone’s file manager.
  • Once done, launch the FIFA 18 game and start enjoying the game experience of this game.

FAQ’s Related Download FIFA 18 Android + APK Offline

Can we play FIFA 18 on Android?                                                       

You can play this FIFA 18 game on your Android device, but your phone must meet the requirements like the latest processor and Android version, 4GB RAM and 8GB free internal storage. If your phone meets these conditions, you may experience a lag in high FPS games.

Is FIFA 18 offline?

Yes, this FIFA 18 game is offline, and you can enjoy the gameplay without any internet connection. But to play with other players, you need an internet connection, which means it supports both offline and online gaming modes.

Final Words

There is nothing better than playing a more exciting game than other football games. In the soccer game, you will get a chance to choose your favored player to make a strong team and can play with them. In addition, this FIFA 18 apk is the best choice for many routes we have shared in this article. Moreover, due to its popularity, many people have started playing the game to enjoy the gaming experience with the latest updates.

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