FIFA 23 APK+OBB+Data Download For Android/iOS (Original)

Hello guys, Are you getting bored and searching for a popular soccer game that comes with interesting gameplay along with high quality graphics? If you say yes, you’ve come to the right place, because today we’re going to tell you about a fun soccer game that you can play on any device. The game is a FIFA 23 APK with excellent game modes and stunning graphics. FIFA 23 Mobile APK Or FIFA 23 Android game is undoubtedly a fun and exciting game in terms of features, game modes, sound quality, gameplay and much more. In this article you will learn more about the FIFA 23 game, its features, game modes, tournaments and more. So read this article to the end.

What Is FIFA 23 APK Offline


FIFA 23 is the latest and most popular football game of the FIFA series which is played by many players on different devices like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, MacBook and many more. In particular, this fifa 23 Apk is a high profile game and the 30th installment in the famous FIFA series. Which comes with enhanced and smooth graphics than its previous games.  So, this fifa 23 offline apk game is the best soccer game that is played by many players around the world.

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Key Features Of FIFA 23 Mobile APK

Fifa 23 apk
Fifa 23 apk
Fifa 23 apk

Best Graphics Game

The developers of this fifa 23 Apk Obb download have improved the graphics to make this game more realistic. In addition, the game contains high-resolution 3D images that make many things more realistic. Such as player faces, t-shirts, flags, spectators, medals, environment and much more.

Allows Offline Gameplay

Most importantly, this fifa 23 android apk game can be played offline. The game includes career mode, volt mode, launch mode and many other offline modes for you to play offline. Instead, you need an internet connection to get the APK and OBB file of this football game.

New Camera Angle

The fifa 23 mod apk game has improved camera angle, making it more fun to watch soccer games or run in all directions. You can also enjoy the wide angle of the PS4 in this latest version of FIFA.

Simple and Easy Controls

In addition, this FIFA 23 apk game offers simple and smooth controls that make. It easy for players to play this game. This football game has its own built-in game controller equipped with all necessary buttons. In addition, the touchpad is very smooth and makes quick gestures, bringing you the best gaming experience.

You Should Know About FIFA 23 MOD APK

Build Your Team

You can also build your favorite team with your favourite football players like Paul Pogba, Neymar Jr, Kilian Mbappe, Pepe, Zakaria Aboukhlal, Michael Owen, Cristiano Ronaldo, Willian, Kakà, Lionel Messi, Luis Diaz, and many more in this game. Also You have to manage your player’s skills, team finances, names, player status and much more. You can even increase the strength of your player using the training points. Which you will get by playing the various event matches.

Play in Different Locations

You can also play games in different Stadiums like. Sanderson Park, Hanguk Stadium, Ivy Lane, Olympic Stadium, Eastpoint Arena, and many more to make the FIFA 23 game more realistic and exciting.

Commentary Analysis and Soundtrack

You will be surprised to know that this fifa 23 Apk Obb data download Game comes with commentary features that you can use to listen to commentary during a football match. Moreover, it will help you to show the real feeling of a player according to their result in the game, like they will celebrate after scoring goals. Also, you will get a chance to hear the commentary in different languages like English, Spanish, and many more.

FIFA 23 Android APK Gameplay

The FIFA 23 apk game offers an exciting gameplay that you will not see in any other soccer simulation game. Every game in the FIFA series has the same gameplay, rules and regulations, camera position, controls and more. First of all, players have to build their dream team with which they have to win over other players. Also, the player who scores the most goals to win a soccer game will be selected as the winner.

In addition, players must demonstrate soccer skills such as swing, kick, drive, run, attack, pass, accelerate and many more, which they must use to defend the goals and objectives of the game to reach the goal. They also have the option to buy their players by participating in various auctions or by buying directly from stores. You can also challenge other players to play a football game with them.

New Modes In FIFA 23 Download APK

  • Career Mode: Considered to be the most played and popular game mode in which players have to create their dream team to play against other opponents. You can also play any game like cup, prep, league, abandon or final.
  • Manager Mode: Another gaming mode in this FIFA 23 apk game is manager mode. Which allows you to play as an manager of your team and manage everything in the team like team Management, manage finances, players, positions, coach players and much more.
  • Event Mode: This is one the best gaming modes in this FIFA 23 download game as it allows you to get lots of interesting rewards after winning the match like GP coins, contacts, skill tokens, training points, gold coins, players and many more. So, this is considered to be the best and top-rated gaming modes among all of the aboves and most played.
  • Online Pro Club Mode: This mode also helps you play a soccer match with your team of random players from all over the world. It will help you improve your soccer skills and give you team points. You can play league, downhill, friendly or cup games with others.
  • Practice Mode: This is the best mode of FIFA 23 apk game because this mod will help you to understand the different ball controls and skills like passing, throwing, passing, sliding, running and many more.
  • Ultimate Team Mode: Another game mode that you can play in this APK game that will help you earn extra money for the FIFA 23 game is Last Team mode. Also the best part is that you can use any famous team or team of your dreams to compete with AI or other players in a soccer game.

Which Characters Are Available In FIFA 23 APK Data OBB

This FIFA 23 Apk game has more than 8000 licensed players for one player to play together And out of which various new players are added in the game. The other players are listed below.

  • Young Players: Manson Mount, Mason Greenwood, Bukayo Saka, Reece James, Erling Haaland, Phil Folden and many more.
  • Legends Player: Nedved, Romario Zico, Cruyff, Maldini, Ronaldo Delima, Oliver Kahn, Tim Curious,  etc.

Leagues FIFA 23 MOD FIFA 14

In this FIFA 23 Apk, you will have the opportunity to play in more than 20 new leagues that you have never seen in previous parts of the FIFA series. It’s really fun to play as the league’s popularity increases. Major new leagues added to FIFA 23 games are listed below.

  • Spanish league
  • Italian league
  • LaLiga tournaments
  • German league
  • French league
  • Portuguese League
  • Japanese League
  • Chinese League and more.

FIFA 23 APK Beta Version Quick Information

File Size65MB + 1.05GB
Developer NameElectronic Arts Sports (EA Sports)
ModeMultiplayer Mode / Single Mode
Operating SystemAndroid / iOS

How To Download FIFA 23 APK+OBB+Data For Android

  • The first process to get the FIFA 23 apk + OBB file by clicking the download link below.
  • Once downloaded, go to the downloads section and click the apk file of this FIFA 23 game.
  • Then a popup appears asking for permission from unknown sources and simply enables this permission.
  • Now, you have to wait for A while until this fifa 23 game gets installed.
  • Once installed, don’t open it, instead copy the FIFA 23 OBB file and paste it in the android/OBB file inside the file manager.
  • Now you have to open this FIFA 23 game and start enjoying the gameplay and gaming modes. 

Final Words

FIFA 23 apk Game is an entertaining game thanks to its graphics and high quality sounds that make it a real game. This game is for the gamers out there who love to play soccer on mobile devices. In addition, this popular soccer game has many game modes that make this game fun and very enjoyable to play and you will feel happy playing this FIFA 23 mobile game. So I recommend you to try and download this FIFA 23 game on your mobile device.

FAQs Related: FIFA 23 APK MOD

Is there gonna be FIFA 23?

Yes, the company has said that there will be a FIFA 23 game and also they have released its beta version which you can get on this website.

Can we play FIFA 23 offline?

The FIFA 23 game can be offline as it supports single mode which doesn’t require internet connection. In this mode, you can play with AI to check your skills and can improve them.

How can we get FIFA 23 for free?

You can get the FIFA 23 game for free from this website as we have provided the direct link from where you can get this game. Moreover,  you also don’t have to pay for playing this football game on any devices.

Is FIFA 23 available for mobile?

Yes, this FIFA 23 game is available for the mobile which you can get from the download link mentioned in this post. However, you will not get same gaming experience like PC version but you will enjoy its gameplay and gaming modes which is similar to the PC version.


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