Fire Kirin APK 2.0 Download For Android/iPhone 2022

You should try our excellent fish table game if you enjoy gaming and the thrill of fish table games. Master the art required to dominate the fish game on your smartphone at any time and defeat the competitors. Thanks to the selection of fish games it provides, such as The Legend Phoenix, Fire Kirin App, Retro Bowl, and others, your phone will become your go-to arcade. Discover the dynamic aspects of Fire Kirin 77, become a part of the fascinating universe of Crab King, or pile up points in the Phoenix Legend. Downloading the Fire Kirin APK For iPhone on your mobile gives you access to a wide range of games and their alternatives when ever you have a beloved fishing game. Additionally, this Fish Game app allows arcade owners to provide customers with fish table games. With the opportunity to play their preferred fish game on the nearby arcade from anywhere, the Fire Kirin Mobile APK is made to offer players a similarly engaging and thrilling experience

What Is Fire Kirin APK 2.0

Fire Kirin APK

Fish table games will help you familiarise yourself with the difficulties that enjoyment, recreation, and fish arcade games can present. We should warn you now if you have never enjoyed playing fish before: they are addictive!. Smartphones running iOS and Android can download the Fire Kirin App. Use your smartphone or tablet to play games against other users online while showcasing your talents for a chance to win jackpots!

New Characters Of Fire Kirin Android APK

There is much to amaze about this game besides the competitive action, automated weapons, and distinctive characters. The game offers a unique way to boost sales for your organization and may be tailored to your game demands.

I have mentioned the most well-liked characteristics in the list below:

  • Baby octopus
  • Coliseum
  • Agni Kirin
  • Aladdin’s lamp
  • Monkey King
  • Fish chopper
  • Crab King
  • The golden frog
  • Meteor showers
  • Money tree
  • The legend of the phoenix
  • Breathing
  • Pan Jin Lian
  • Fa Fa

Now, this addition to the game gives a lot of space to the player who wants to enjoy the new abilities of different characters. It also makes the game more competitive, considering different character abilities will counter each other.

Gameplay Of Fire Kirin 777 iPhone

Fire Kirin APK
Fire Kirin APK

Action-packed gameplay that involves shooting simultaneously many fish species calls for coordination and ability. You may defeat and overpower opponents with various potent firearms and characters.

  • The shrimp laser: huge fish caught by a laser that also catches numerous other fish.
  • Mermaids: After pressing the start button, Fire projectiles are quickly fired.
  • Mad Shark: The blast kills all the fish inside the detonation’s radius.
  • Dear Dragon: More free time is offered by messy.
  • Fire Kirin: Whenever there is an opportunity, players can get unexpected benefits. 
  • Missile Shrimp: An S-T missile that eliminates a variety of fish.

It certainly sounds quick In this fish video game, players would also receive crafty bonuses and distinctive multipliers which keeps the game rolling for the two jackpots. As we know, this is a common fact a game with a goal to complete is very addictive and adding a bonus reward is a cherry on top of the cake. I mean to say this helps to increase players’ attraction to the game.

Features Of Fire Kirin APK For iPhone

Unleash New Features

More recent additions and functions that were not in the past versions are now available for testing, and great updates and other additions are available to the game.

Dynamic Display

Whereas the Fire Kirin game which distinguished by an interactive display packed with effects and entertaining elements that make the gaming experience more engaging. It is great for gamers who demand and want to experience the vivid environment in the gaming world.

Brand New Characters

On Fire Kirin, there are a ton of characters and sea creatures to choose from. For instance, you can improve characters like Laser shrimp, Dear Dargon, and others.

Shooting Fish

As a player, you must shoot as many fish as you can. You win more cash as you capture more fish. If you are clever enough, you can quickly become financially successful.

Variety Of Sound Effects

Sound effects are very important in the game; according to the sound effect of weapons and hero abilities, the player will react accordingly; for example, in a multiplayer match, sound effects plays a very important which helps to track enemy location and then make a quick tactic to knock down the enemy.

What’s New Thing Added In Fire Kirin APK For iPhone


Use your favorite weapon type to start shooting fish. There are many different firearm models to pick from, and each has a unique mix of pros and cons. But keep in mind that the strongest weapons demand big stakes.


Playing Fire Kirin on your phone is similar to playing a genuine arcade game. The game has lifelike fish characters and stunning graphics with vibrant colors. Similar to Hungry Shark and other fish-themed video games. HD graphics enhanced the user interface, effects, backdrops, and colors.

New Modes

It would be best if you tried out the single-player option for beginners who start learning the basic things game, besides joining online multiplayer for Fire Kirin and checkout other fresh modes.

Missile Shrimp

One of the game’s finest and most significant new additions. The modified version of the game included the S-T missile Shrimp, which kills a lot of fish in one strike. It is a great addition for a new player who wants to explore different characters and expects a character that doesn’t require many skills to play with.

Menu MOD

The creators changed the main menu, the same as they do with many other created marine games. This is what was added in Fire Kirin MOD, which has a distinctively altered menu. This improves the game and draws in both new and seasoned players. We checked everything thoroughly before publishing it on our website, and Fire Kirin APK is no exception. The game is available for free download, so you can play it without paying any money or making any purchases.

Game For Everyone

Everyone can play this fishing game. There are 27 thrilling slot games, 15 fishing games, and 4 additional game categories to pick from. Everyone can play this fishing game. As we know, different people prefer different types of games, and these many choices will attract many people towards this game without any second thought.

Additional Features Of Fire Kirin App APK

  • Various bright, delicate graphics
  • Real fish pot
  • Multiplayer configuration and many other adjustments
  • Extended interactive display
  • Downloading this game from our website is completely free.
  • Various-different online games are available after installing the game.
  • Games like slots, dragons, and fish.
  • The fish games incredibly well-liked by players.
  • Since no additional talent may required and the maximum gain is high.
  • Slot machines are also accessible, but their net profit is lower.
  • No additional registration required.
  • Ad-free experience without any interruption.
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Speed Boosted

You Should Know About Of Fire Kirin App For iPhone

  • This app updated to the latest version available.
  • Many bugs & glitches have been fixed in this new update.
  • This update fixes slow menu loading.
  • Occasional frames drop fixed.
  • Optimized to drain less battery.
  • Performance fixes for a low-end phone.
  • Server issues fixed.
  • Better stability compared to its predecessor.

Device Requirements

  • Android version 5 or higher should be present.
  • Free storage of 3 to 4 GBs approx should be available on the Android Device.
  • 2 to 3 GBs of RAM should be present on the Android Device.
  • Any processor released 1 to 2 years ago is sufficient to run this game.

Steps To Download Fire Kirin iPA For iPhone

  • You must go through the necessary procedures to install this app on your iOS device.
  • Let us begin with opening App Store on your IOS device, and then choose the “Search option.”
  • Now you will have to type Fire Kirin in the search box and select the app from the list of apps on your screen.
  • Now open the app and follow the instruction given by the app.
  • Afterward, enter the login id and password to access the app.
  • All set, now you can enjoy playing this game.

Steps To Download Fire Kirin APK for Android Device

  • To obtain Fire Kirin APK, tap on the download button.
  • Afterward, a pop-up will show to save this APK file into your phone storage.
  • Now open the download folder and locate the game APK file.
  • Now simply tap on the Fire Kirin APK file.
  • Now you will be redirected to android settings, and then “unknown source settings” will appear.
  • Simply scroll down and enable permission to install this APK file.
  • Go back and open Fire Kirin APK and press the install button.
  • According to the hardware of the smartphone, it can take a while.
  • Return to the home screen after the installation is finished.
  • Open the Fire Kirin APK shortcut.
  • Now enjoy your mod game with all features unlocked.

Frequent Question Answer Related to Fire Kirin APK

Fire Kirin APK Safe to Download?

APK files downloaded from other sites may contain malware that corrupts or steals data from your smartphone. However, we make sure to scan every APK file using the best anti-malware solution; therefore, it cannot damage your phone in any feasible way.

How Can I download Fire Kirin APK?

You can download Fire Kirin APK directly from our website by using the download button.

Is there Fire Kirin APK For IOS Device?

You can check our guide, “Steps to download Fire Kirin APK on IOS.” You can easily install the Fire Kirin app on your iOS iPhone because it is extremely simple to understand.

Is there any way to play Fire Kirin APK through Windows PC?

Yes, first, you need an Android emulator app called Bluestacks on your windows pc, then you need to download Fire Kirin APK through the download button we have provided. Locate and open the Fire Kirin APK on your PC and install the file through the Bluestacks app.

Is there any hidden premium that needs payment after the game is installed?

No, you do not need to pay for any premium or subscription after installing this game.

Why is there a Need to Give an Android Permission to Download Fire Kirin APK?

Applications must be able to access some of your device’s systems. We removed all the unnecessary stuff, enjoy the game.

Final Words 

A highly entertaining game is Fire Kirin APK. Here you can enjoy fishing for mermaids, mad sharks, missile shrimp, and more species while using your fishing prowess and new weapons to slay fish and marine creatures with enhanced graphics, fluid gameplay, and a user interface that is comfortable for all users. Additionally, experience the game in multiple new game modes, unnecessary files and adverts have been eliminated, bugs in previous versions have been resolved, and other fantastic improvements as mentioned in the features and gameplay.

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