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Welcome my amazing and dedicated gamers. I welcome everyone to my special and very helpful website for gamers. Which goes by the name of Android1roms.com. Here I provide many amazing and very entertaining ppsspp gamers. Which you can play on your android or IOS devices very freely. Hence the game which I am going to provide today is a very amazing and popular ppsspp game. The game name is God Of War Chains Of Olympus PPSSPP ISO Zip File Highly Compressed For Android and iOS game is an installment in portable PlayStation. Which is also known as the PSP platform.

Now you will think that what is special here. As you can download the ROM from anywhere. However, fortunately, I am providing a highly compressed version of game. It is available in 85 MB, 100 MB, 200 MB, and 500 MB kinds of variations. We all know that not all gamers have stacked up data internet. That is why for them I am providing a small size file. By which you can play the game easily in your mobile.

About Chains Of Olympus

God Of War Chains Of Olympus
God Of War Chains Of Olympus

God of war chains of Olympus is an adventure-action combat-type game. Which is developed by Ready at Dawn and Santa Monica Studi. Publish by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation Portable(PSP) and PlayStation 3. The game is heavily designed to play it anywhere you want and wherever you want on a portable device.

Now with the ppsspp emulator. Which is the PSP emulator for android and IOS. You can play it on your android and IOS devices as well. The major problem was that the size was large and not every gamer has sufficient internet for it. Just like in other God of war games, you start up with the signature weapon. The blades of chaos, chained into both arms of Kratos harshly.

Since the game is set up in a greek mythology timeline, it features many creatures from it. cyclopes, Gorgons, satyrs, harpies, minotaurs, hoplites, and sphinxes. Morpheus beasts, shades, banshees, fireguards, fire sentries, Hyperion guards, and death knights, etc. These are the creature of mythology which is specially featured in-game. Not only them but many mythological gods are also featured in this game.

God Of War Chains of Olympus

As always like in old games. Our favors spartan fights with his blades of chaos in a fixed camera perspective. Later on, he acquired the Sun Shield and Gauntlet of Zeus. It features a shield and a gauntlet which he can use to wreck opponents. The shield protects him and can also reflect sunlight or any kind of laser. By doing that he can also fire the laser back to his enemies. The gauntlet is a very powerful glove that can wreck opponents by charging.

Game Storyline

In God of War Chains of Olympus 85 MB download game. Kratos makes his way to find the missing sun god. He is tasked by Athena to rescue him or else everything will go dark. As the sun god is missing and he may lose his power as well. Kratos makes his journey through the city of Attica to do so. Due to the absence of light, many gods have fallen into a deep sleep. Due to which the wife of hades has an advantage. As she wants to destroy the whole Olympus and rule over it.

Requirements Of Game

God of War Chains of Olympus 500Mb PPSSPP requires very small requirements. It only needs 1GB RAM and 1GB of storage to run on mobile devices. If you want to shutter less gaming and lag less gaming. Then I must recommend you check the requirements of the game before you download it. You also have the luxury to download the game in low size. This means you will not need a large amount of internet to download the game. After all God of War Chains of Olympus 85 MB download is a free-to-play game.

Features Of Game

  • Adventurous and action-packed gameplay alongside Kratos the spartan.
  • The game lets you control over 2 kinds of weapons in this Game of god of war.
  • I am providing the game in the highly compressed version in a very low-size file.
  • Easily playable by using ppsspp emulator and the game file in your mobile.
  • Supported in both kinds of mobile devices like Android devices and IOS devices.
  • Very enthusiastic gameplay including very brutal gameplay of the god of war.
  • Featuring many mythological gods and creatures like hades, helios, etc.
  • A dynamic story that features Kratos in the rescue of the missing sun god.

How To Download God Of War Chains Of Olympus Highly Compressed PSP 85 MB

  • Click on the download button to download God of war Chains of olympus PPSSPP highly compressed.
  • Progress through the site and download the game file from the link down there.
  • After downloading, extract the game by any winrar app in any folder in your mobile.
  • following that open up your ppsspp and look for game directory in your device folders.
  • After that open the file of the game and open God of War Chains of Olympus 500Mb PPSSPP.
  • Progressing that then set up the settings of the game as to your likings and style.
  • After that save up the settings and start playing God of war chains of olympus ppsspp ISO. Friends Also check the Best God Of War PPSSPP Game for android mobile phone.

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