GTA Vice City Definitive Edition APK+OBB For (Latest Version) Android/iOS

As we know, Grand Theft Auto has launched the GTA: Trilogy definitive edition of all three games. But today we will discuss GTA vice city definitive edition apk game, its gameplay, enhancement, and changes made in the remastered edition, characters, and many more things.

GTA vice city definitive edition mobile is best known for its visuals and performance that you will not see in the other remastered games. However, many gamers love these changes or enhancements made in the original GTA vice city game but some have criticized or gotten disappointed with many changes like adding Rain effects, water effects, sand footprints, shot glass, and many more. So, if you want to know more about this GTA vice city definitive edition apk game, then follow this article until the end.

About Of GTA Vice City Definitive Edition APK

GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Apk

GTA vice city definitive edition apk is a popular action-packed game which is released by Rockstar Game and created by Grove Street Games for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, MacBook, Android, iOS, and many more devices. As we know, GTA Vice City was outdated among players due to its graphics. That’s why the developer made a remastered version of this game to improve or bring enhancement in graphics.

Benefit Of GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Android Download

GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Apk
GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Apk

The GTA vice city definitive edition apk obb download game has made many changes in the original game to increase the visual enhancement and performance of the GTA vice city game. Major changes are mentioned below.

  • They have improved the weather effect in the remaster version like they have added a more natural style to the game.
  • Moreover, they have added new designs for cars and weapons to make them look fancy. In this update, they only change the style of the vehicles or guns, not the abilities and power.
  • Most importantly, due to remastered graphics, the city looks more 3-D than previous. The addition of various things gives it a realistic animated look that makes it thrilling to play.
  • Another area where they have work is shooting at the water. As in the remastered version, you will see ripple and splash effects.
  • In addition, the bloody footprints in the remastered version look more detailed and real but also remain for a longer time.
  • The next enhancement you can see in the remastered version is the fire effect that makes it more enjoyable to play.
  • The most interesting change made in the game is pointing the gun at COPs. In the remastered version of this GTA vice city game, the gamers can’t point the gun towards COPs. If it does so, then your wanted level will increase and the COPs will start beating you.
  • Even they have added realistic looks like making improvements in the grass texture.

Features Of GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Mobile Apk

Moreover, GTA vice city definitive edition android game has increased the acceptance level of the gamers because they have increased the resolution of the game. However, you will see many changes like lighting at cars, improved weather graphics, adding various effects, and many more but the gameplay, storyline, and characters are similar to the original game.

Various Weapons

As we know that this GTA vice city definitive edition android apk game is full of action means you will get to play with many powerful weapons. Also, there are wide varieties of shotguns, pistols, sub-machine, melee weapons, and many more which you can use to complete various missions which involve violence. Moreover, you can purchase them from the nation. Some of the weapons you can use in this game are Tec9, Uzi, M4, Sniper Rifle, M60, Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher, Grenade, Molotov cocktail, knife, katana, and many more.


This GTA vice city definitive edition apk download game allows you to control one character but you will see many characters in the game. Out of them, some are friends and some enemies. Like Tommy, Vercetti is a main playable character whereas Sonny Forelli is a villain. So, some of the major characters are

  • Kent Paul
  • Lance Vance
  • Umberto Robina
  • Juan Cortez
  • Mitch Baker
  • Ricardo Diaz
  • Ken Rosenberg
  • Avery Carrington
  • Phil Cassidy
  • Auntie Poulet, and many more.


Rockstar has made many changes in this field like the installation of new vehicles in-game. This game includes all vehicles such as Motorcycles, road bikes, dirt bikes, big AMD Athlon bikes, and many more. Also, the appearance, strength, power, style of each vehicle are different which makes them unique. Some of the vehicles used in this game . Ambulance, AirTrain, Banshee, Bobcat, Coast guard, Cuban jet max, Enforcer, firetruck, Hunter, Cab, Learjet, Mule, Oceanic, and many more.

Challenging Missions

You will get to see lots of missions that make this GTA vice city definitive edition apk download for the android game more and more exciting and thrilling to play. There are a total of 87 missions and out of the 38 are story missions, 19 are assets missions, 3 remote controlled missions, and so on. Most importantly, you will see that every mission in this game is full of action and has some story in it. Some of the amazing features are In the beginning. The party, Riot, checkpoint charlie, sunshine autos import Garage, G-spotlight, V.I.P, Hit the courier, Roadkill, Autocide, Loose End, and many more.

Some Of The Cons Changes GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Mod Apk

But there are also some areas where remastered versions have disappointed the gamers. There are only some areas that might improve in the upcoming update.

  • The gamers are disappointed by the Rain effects which decrease the visibility level in the GTA vice city definitive edition iOS game whenever there’s rain. So, driving becomes impossible in the dark when there’s rain because of the opaque droplets.
  • Next problem they see the water effect in the remastered version. Like remasters that have a less pronounced frothing effect and the splashing is absent when we travel from the boat.
  • In the GTA vice city definitive edition apk for mobile games. They should work on the technical level as there are lots of errors that distract the gameplay of the gamers.
  • Also, the sand footprints are not as detailed as in the original game.

Version Of Information Of GTA VC Definitive Edition Apk

Game NameGTA Vice City Definitive Edition
App Size250MB
Developed ByGrove Street Games
Game Versionv1.45
Published byRockstar Games
Operating SystemAndroid/iOS
More RPG Games

How To Download GTA Vice City Definitive Edition APK OBB For Android

  • First of all, you have to scroll down to click on the link. Get the GTA vice city definitive edition apk file and OBB file.
  • Once it gets downloaded, you have to simply click on the apk file of this GTA vice city definitive edition game.
  • After clicking, you will see a pop-up window asking to give access to unknown sources permissions.
  • You simply have to enable it and wait for a few seconds until this game gets installed.
  • Once it gets installed, copy the GTA vice city definitive edition apk OBB file to the right folder inside the file manager.
  • Now, open this thrilling game and give access to all required permission.
  • Finally, start playing and enjoy the gameplay and graphics of this game.

Final Words

GTA Vice city definitive edition apk is the best edition or update made by the developer because. They have enhanced the graphics which make it more exciting to play. Most importantly, I think many players will definitely love to play this RPG game which comes with action-adventure. No doubt, this GTA Vice city definitive edition is an action-packed game but its high-resolution graphics make this game more enjoyable to play. So, we suggest everyone start playing this amazing trilogy edition of the Grand theft auto game and enjoy its remastered graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Is GTA Vice city Definitive Edition worth it?

A1) Yes, of course, this GTA Vice definitive edition is worth playing on any device because of its enhanced graphics which have given a better look to this game than previously. Most importantly, the gamers will love many changes such as rain effects, fire effects, water shooting effects, 3-D open-world, detailed graphics, and many more things are added which make it worth playing. So, it is a good game for the players to play this action-packed game.

Q2) Which GTA remaster is best?

A2) According to the expert, GTA vice city remastered is the best game among all other GTA games. This game is different from its other GTA remastered game in terms of visual enhancement, lighting, and performance.

Q3) Can we play GTA vice city Definitive edition on iOS?

A3) This GTA vice city definitive edition can be easily played on iOS devices but the developer still has not launched this game for iOS devices. But they have ensured that they will get to play this remastered edition in the upcoming year. Also, to play on an iOS phone, the gamers need the latest version of the iOS device and a minimum of 4GB RAM to get a lag-free gaming experience.

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