HoloCure APK 2022 For Android Free Download (No Verification)

Hello guys, we hope you all are good. Today we have brought an amazing video game which is inspired from Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival games. The game is HoloCure APK which is a famous fan game which is played by lots of people worldwide. In this Holocure Mobile game, you will get to play various gaming modes which come with interesting gameplay.

Also, you will get to play with various characters and can use weapons. So, if you are curious to know more about this holocure game, its gaming modes, gameplay, installation process, features and many more, then follow this post till the end. If you like to play simulator game so you can check out the Trader Life Simulator APK game.

What Is HoloCure APK

HoloCure APK

HoloCure is one of the most famous and played free HoloLive games which created by Kay Yu for android and iOS users. The game heavily inspired by Vampire Survivors and Magical Survival. Within hours of its release, HoloCure has become the city’s hotspot with over 50,000 downloads on day one. Furthermore, the holocure apk game comes with endless features which will enhance your gaming experience and also features the Hololive talents.

Also, the game board feature disabled by the game developer citing big data. Moreover, this Holocure game played by lots of holocure fans. Because of its extremely interesting gameplay. Also it developed by VTuber Hololive. In addition, coins can also used to improve the starting abilities of all characters. Unlock unique characters that are unique to each character.

How To Use HoloCure Android APK

HoloCure APK
HoloCure APK

Holocure APK is a popular fan game which created for the Hololive fans. The inspired from one of the most famous video games, Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival. It also considered as an unauthorised hololive game. Which  features Vampire Survivors. The game combines Hololive’s October skills with very impressive Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival. Explore all types of buildings and collect powerful weapons and building materials for your ultimate character.

Moreover, the best thing about this HoloCure Mobile game is that you will get to enjoy various moments in the game which is full of entertaining and thrilling. However, the order of the Holocure APK game levels provides a brief background and from there you can see the characters, which can portrayed as beautiful girls with different abilities. However, if you’re immersed in the VTuber culture, and more specifically the Hololive culture. The game packed with tips and jokes to keep you entertained.

HoloCure Mobile APK Features

Playable Characters

Characters refer to playable characters that a player can choose to play the Holocure APK game. Players can get more characters in Character Gacha by dropping bullet points for each team. There are currently 11 characters in the game, with five HoloMyth characters unlocked automatically in the current demo version.IryS, Ninomae Inanis, Takanashi Kiara, Ceres fauna, Calliope Mori, Amelie Watson, Ouro Kronii, Nanashi Mumei, Hakos Baelz are the characters which you see in the game.

Use Special Attack

Each character in the Holocure Android APK game has a special attack that can only used if the player purchases a special attack upgrade from the shop. The special attack cannot boosted. The effects of special attacks can viewed on the character select screen.

Collabs Feature

Allows the player to combine 2 advanced weapons with a randomly generated golden anvil into one powerful weapon. The cooperative weapon is considered the best weapon and can only be upgraded with the anvil. This sharing feature is very useful for creating various useful items in the game such as: B. Breathe-In Type Asacoco, you should join Holo Boom and Plug Type Asacoco. As with the Elite kitchen, you will need a bucket of Lava and Lava Elite and more.

Armory Screen

Indicates the player is currently unlocked. The player can mark an object and see its meaning below. Holocure APK game has a total of 35 machines: 10 weapons, 17 items, and 8 interactive weapons. The locked items are displayed as question marks.

Updating Your HoloCure Mod APK

Encounters With Enemies

Various enemies will appear throughout the Holocure Mod APK game, struggling to deal with communication damage. Some may attack more powerfully, while others only appear systematically on temporal events. A small boss like Mega Shrimp or Tako Grande and boss enemies like Fubuzilla, Smol Ame and others behave the same as normal enemies.

In-App Purchases

Most importantly, this Holocure APK OBB game supports in-app purchases where you can buy anything in the game. In this game you can buy many things that will help you through the paper system such as: B. buy new weapons, improve statistics and find new characters.

Upgrade Features

These are stunning bonuses that ca found in the shop. The purchase costs HoloCoin and remains permanent across all game sessions unless refunded. Other upgrades can further improved through repurchase, but at a higher HoloCoin cost (see below). Healing an update only affects the cost of that particular update, giving players the freedom to choose which updates to prioritize.

Use Different Weapons

You will also use weapons in the HoloCure apk game and also eachcharacter in the game has its own weapons which have different strengths, power and function. The basic weapons those that are provided by higher levels and can used by any character. The kitchen spider, elite lava bucket, holographic bomb, psycho axe, cutting board, pistol shot, trident jab, summoning tentacle, phoenix sword and more are weapons you can use in msny game.

Gameplay Of HoloCure APK OBB

The gameplay of this HoloCure Apk game is similar to Vampire Survivors. Crowds of people appear from all sides as players must move characters in infinite 2D space. As players kill the crowd, they throw objects. Experience points improve characters and give them access to many of the higher powers that are chosen at each higher level.

Furthermore, you will get to play two gaming modes in the Holocure Download game: Stage and Endless which comes with different gameplay. As in the Stage mode, players must defeat all the enemies till you kill the final manager to complete this mode.  Whereas, in the endless mode, players have to survive the game as long as possible by earning points.

What’s New Thing Added On HoloCure iOS iPhone


It is one of the most played gaming modes in the Holocure iOS game as in which waves of enemies and various bosses are in front of the player. Unlike endless mode, stage mode ends when players defeat the last stage manager that spawns after 20 minutes.

Endless Mode

Another gaming mode in this HoloCure Apk endless mode in which the player has to face waves of enemies. But unlike stage mode, the waves keep progressing until the player is defeated, the enemy count increasing over time.

How To Play HoloCure Game On Android

  • You can play with gacha (the only currency in the game) with 11 hololive coins in the Holocure APK.
  • Eleven members of the band “HoloEN” were included in the Hololive demo. HoloJP and HoloID members will also included in the next release.
  • In addition, each character in the Holocure IPA game comes with unique skills, weapons, and special attacks which they can use in the game.
  • Eufrik from Hololive has reworked the soundtrack for this game.
  • There are devices that work invisibly.
  • Hololive’s most famous mascots and characters are there to hamper your progress.
  • Playback resumes from the last position where the newly recorded list was saved.
  • They can easily organized by forming teams.
  • When launching the gadget, launch a handy configuration box at the top.

Quick Information Of HoloCure APK No Verification

APP NameHoloCure
File Size96MB
OS SystemAndroid / iOS
EngineerKay Yu
Rating4.5 / 5.0

How To Download HoloCure APK Free For Android

  • The first step is to get the HoloCure apk file by clicking the download button mentioned below in this post.
  • Second, you should bypass your browser’s security settings and enable anonymous sources.
  • Now, you have to navigate inside the download folder and double tap on the apk file of this HoloCure game.
  • Then wait a few seconds for the HoloCure game to load.
  • Once installed, you need to copy the HoloCure OBB file and paste it into the Android/OBB folder in the file manager.
  • Now open this HoloCure game and access the latest permissions and mics.
  • Finally, enjoy the gameplay and graphics of this HoloCure game.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can you play HoloCure on an android?

This HoloCure game can be played on android devices as this game is only developed for mobile users not for PC users. In addition, you can easily get this game from the link mentioned below in the post which is free for everyone. It means you also don't have to pay for this holocure game to play on mobile devices.

Is holocure safe to play?

Yes, this Holocure game is 100% safe for the user to play as it comes with high level security features which take care of your privacy from third party viruses, hackers and many more. In addition, we also provide a safe apk file to our users so that they don't worry about your security.

Final Words

We are sure that you will love this post as we have discussed everything about this HoloCure Apk game and all the details about this game. Undoubtedly, this HoloCure is considered one of the most played games due to its entertaining gameplay and high-quality graphics. So what are you waiting for? You just need to download the HoloCure game and enjoy the exciting gameplay.

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