Lost Life MOD APK v1.55 Download For Android/iOS

Are you the ones who love reading suspense and horror novels? If so, then you will be surprised to know that there are lots of amazing games which are excellent for our imagination. One of the games. Lost Life APK Game which is famous due to its gaming style which is different from others furthermore, it offers thrilling and adventurous storyline which is full of terror to those who play this game.

Lost life mod

Lost Life is a simulation game which enables the gamers to discover a very enjoyable and  adventurous story line. Furthermore, the character in the game acts as a life partner that enables you to  do completely different things. But in this game, it is to use your mental abilities which can lead to winning or losing important aspects of the game. So, if you want to know more about this lost life game, its gameplay and much more, read till the end.

Information Of Lost Life

Lost Life is one of the most awesome popular compatible scary games created by Shikestu for android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, Windows and many more devices. In addition, the game comes with a wonderful and exciting gameplay. Where all actions of human fear affect your destiny, your survival and death, and the lives of different people. A great action-adventure game that only one person can experience and  any action will definitely affect your future in the game.

Additionally, the lost life game is also well known for its puzzle-style gameplay which makes this game more interesting and enjoyable to play as you will have to solve them to get out of that place. It is getting famous among many gamers, particularly among teens and grownups due to its scary gameplay, frightening lifestyle, and puzzle game. Which make the game more interesting to play.

Lost Life Game Android Storyline

Lost life mod apk
Lost life free download

No doubt, the plot of the Lost Life Apk Latest Version 2022 game is full of scary and dangerous. That you will definitely love it as the character looks is scary. Attractive which is same as the japanese characters. A lonely and sad young girl will face many dangerous situations and you must help her. In addition, every move made by the players in the game will determine the future of the character.

The girl in the game may confuse you with sad words but if you stay focused the player’s future will be better and the dilemma will get you back to the life you want. The game is full of mystery which is played by lots of gamers. Because in this game, you will have to make decisions while solving various puzzles in the game. Furthermore, you will have to make your own decisions which will be good for you or not. Your future depends upon the journey you are currently taking.

Lost Life APK 2022 Features

The game is full of fun because you will encounter many shocking and spooky things during your journey. So if you’re into horror lovers, this game is for you. You should play this game once and you will never regret it.

Choose For Yourself

Lost Life Game Android game has many options for you like firstly in the game. The gamers will get a choice whether you should tell your mother about the ghost in their house or not. Then you will be asked what kind of dream you want to see. In addition, depending on your decision and preference, there may be different endings. That’s why, you must choose a right path so that it be easier. The gamers and can deal with the consequences of your actions in the game.

3D Animated Graphics

3D animation is used in a game that will naturally improve the game environment. High quality, detailed graphics make the Lost Life playground realistic and give the user a very scary and attractive feeling.

Great Sounds

Although there is not a single image or video in the game. It can still scare adults with its story and sounds. The setting tells the whole story and will add depth to the characters. As a result, the sound effects give a huge effect on the gameplay and gaming experience of the gamers.


As a modified version of Russian Lost Life; Therefore, there no special advertisements attached to this game to avoid negative feedback to users. Special thanks to the app developers who worked hard to develop this game without advertising it.

Many Chapters

There are many chapters in the game that you can explore. Be careful though, you may not have time to finish them all! Everything is scary and full of mysteries.

Free Coins And Unlimited Diamonds

One of the main reasons to play this horror game is that you will get unlimited and free game currency. Which is very helpful for you to get anything in the game for free. As you know, most games offer  features like this lost life game offers to. Its gamers so that they can purchase the in-game equipment, costumes, characters, weapons and many more.

No Money Limits

Another important thing in the horror game is that you require coins. If you want to purchase anything in the game. But by using the mod version of this game, you will enjoy the no limit money features which enables you to get anything for free of cost. If you do this, you won’t have to earn money or complete certain missions. Another amazing feature of this lost Life APK game is that you will get to play various gaming modes which enhances the gaming experience of the gamers. You will get to play four gaming modes such as single player, online multiplayer, online with friends and passing and playing which have made the game more enjoyable and thrilling. In addition, this horror game starts with a single player game and then only you can play other gaming modes.

Gameplay Of Lost Life Apk Latest Version 2022

In Lost Life Apk game, you aim to please the girl; that you are alone. When in the game, the girl feels lonely, then you will have to make him happy and it become difficult for her to deal with other people and important stages of life. Here comes your job in the game in which you have to take the role of man who has a goal to help the girl deal with different things in her life.

There is an important element of your character for a girl to lead a happy life. Sometimes she acts like a scary character, so be aware of her actions.  If you have strong feelings, you can play the game completely; otherwise don’t play this game. That’s all in this post, we confident that we have discussed everything about this lost life apk game so that all your queries regarding this simulation game gets resolved.

How To Play

Without any doubt, it considered to be the best horror game in terms of its unique gameplay which you will not see in any other horror game. Furthermore, its 3-D animated graphics also enhance the gaming experience of the gamers. So, we suggest you people to try this horror game and start enjoying its horror scenes.

Download Lost Life 2 APK On Android

The important thing is to make excellent decisions so that you can win in the end. Winning or losing a game leads to many ways for the character to act as a paid player. Furthermore. Your decision-making skills should be strong so that you can make the right decision during the game as it will make a huge impact on the outcome of the game. So, always be careful while making your preference or decision as there will be different endings in the game.

How To Download Lost Life Apk MOD For Android

  • First of all, you have to click the link below and you will redirect to another webpage.
  • After this, you have to wait for 12 second until the downloading link appear
  • Once it gets appears, you have to tap on the download button and get the lost life apk + OBB file
  • Then, navigate inside the settings and inside the security option, you have to give access to the unknown sources permission which allows the third-party applications to install.
  • Once you have , tap on the apk file of this lost life game and wait for a while until this game gets installed.
  • Once it gets installed, don’t open it. Instead, copy the OBB file of this game and paste it to the right folder inside the file manager.
  • Now, you have to open this horror game and enable all the required permissions.
  • Lastly, start enjoying the gameplay, horror scenes and graphics of this game.

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