MBWhatsapp iOS 9.41 2022 APK Free Download for Android/iPhone

NameMB WhatsApp iOS

WhatsApp has become a daily necessity for lots of people worldwide for casual friendly chats to formal business or educational chats and conversations, everything is available on WhatsApp today. If you rely heavily on the app, you’ll need a level of customization and security features that you can’t get because it’s not supported. However, to solve this problem we have developed a great app i.e. MBWhatsapp iOS. This is one trendy app that gives you more control over your privacy and WhatsApp chats.

Like any other MOD APK of any app, MBWhatsApp offers a different user interface than the official app and has a separate bottom bar with lots of options. Along with the option to download the app, this app allows you to use two accounts at the same time without having to delete the original WhatsApp. MBWhatsApp is a modified application that allows you to change your chat. It offers friendly chat themes and many other features to communicate with friends, family, and loved ones. Now let’s take a detailed look at this MBWhatsApp app, especially its features.

MBWhatsapp 9.41 Information

MBWhatsapp Android iOS

MBWhatsapp apk is the best-modified version of WhatsApp which is created for iPhone devices by floyd iOS. Best of all, you can access it from any device, mobile or Windows, and have the same user experience on any device. Moreover, this version of the MB Whatsapp iOS mod apk is popular among people instead of MBWhatsapp because of its interesting features and user-friendly interface which are not available in other WhatsApp mods. MBWhatsapp comes with themes, logos, etc to make it attractive and easy to use. You don’t need to hack your original WhatsApp to become famous all over the world. Moreover, it works with strong and end-to-end encryption, which makes it more secure.

Why Use The MB WhatsApp iOS 9.41

MBWhatsapp APK iOS

As you know MBWhatsapp is a popular modified youtube app that helps them to enjoy the features  for free. But sometimes such a question may appear in the head: why use it? Many users use this app to get a visual experience and MB Whatsapp gives freedom to users to customize their WhatsApp when you get interesting features. According to their satisfaction, for example, if you don’t like the original design or theme of WhatsApp, change this MB Whatsapp iOS feature and bring a pleasant satisfaction to the user’s mind.

So many people use this modified version for this purpose. This is because it has a user-friendly interface and offers many features that help the app deliver what you need.

MB Whastapp APK Features

MBWhatsapp iOS

Auto Reply Option

This auto reply feature of this MBWhatsapp iOS app helps users to reply automatically whenever they see a message because iit lets users know when they are ignoring a message.

DND Function4

When you are playing a game on your smartphone, a message will suddenly appear. Then you will be angry. That’s why many people use this iOS MBWhatsapp for android app because it has a DND feature which helps users to block incoming messages.

Hide Online Feature

Another interesting feature of this MB Whatsapp iOS apk is that you can hide the online / offline which makes the application one of the best, that you will love is the hide online feature that allows users to hide their online status on WhatsApp.

Media Sharing

One of the best features of MBWhatsapp download 2021 app is that users can send up to 90 photos at once, but with this app you can send files up to 700MB to others. It can be a PDF, a document, a video or anything else.


Another feature that is more fun is the ability for the user to customize the layout. In addition, there is a collection of attractive themes that will give you a great experience while using the app.

MBWhatsapp Latest Version Updates

MBWhatsapp 9.41

Download Status

The most popular feature of this MB Whatsapp iOS mobile apk is that it comes with a download status feature which makes it easier for you to contact the user’s favourite contact.

Great Look

Another great feature of this MB Whatsapp pro app is the ability to change the font. You have to select any font and click the apply button. It helps users change their passwords and improve their work.

Reaction Feature

MBWhatsApp iOS now allows you to use emoticons to react to messages in your inbox without typing a reply. Just click on the desired message and select the emoji to be used as a reaction. You can also customise the emoji reaction by selecting one or more emojis or texts to use to respond to the sender’s message. We are also provide the additional Feauters of MB WhatsApp iOS version:

  • This allows users to filter 100 chats instead of 3 chats.
  • You can also create a list of people who can contact you.
  • You can view deleted messages using MB Whatsapp iOS.
  • The following features come with a built-in app lock that allows users to lock the app.
  • Another feature is to hide apps from the app list so no one can see your WhatsApp.

MBWhatsApp iOS APK 2022’s Pros & Cons


  • This MBWhatsapp iOS app has an anti-tamper feature that allows you to view deleted messages that are blocked by the recipient.
  • An important reason why you like this mod is that it comes with a collection of interesting themes that will give you a great experience.
  • This MB Whatsapp app for iOS also allows you to send files up to 700MB to other people.
  • It also allows users to share more than 100 photos and videos in a single message.
  • The most interesting thing is that this MB Whatsapp supports multiple languages ​​and makes it easier for users to understand.


  • The biggest drawback of this FMwhstapp is the lack of automatic updates.
  • Another issue is movement speed. Sometimes it is slow and prevents the message from being sent.
  • MBWhatsapp may stop working due to the old version of this APK mod.

You Should Know About MBWhatsapp iOS 15 Update Version

This name will definitely be interesting for you, beware! You are right that you can use WhatsApp iOS android app by installing this modded app on your iOS device but you need to be online for that. You must be able to connect and have access to a mobile phone. The iOS version works just like the mobile version, allowing you to receive messages, send voice messages, and make video or voice calls.

Overall Summary

MB WhatsApp apk download is basically a modified version of plain WhatsApp which is created and released by developers other than WhatsApp developers. To achieve this goal, several updates are repeated in a short period of time. Having trouble using this app?

In terms of features and quality, MBWhatsapp iOS is unmatched in the market. Best of all, you can change the theme, font and size, wallpaper, contact colour, and new message colour. You can also use the MB Whatsapp apk to hide all chats, hide call history, and much more. More features will be added in the future and this is one of the best versions of the mod and also the most secure and recommended WhatsApp mod. After reading this simple comparison of MB Whatsapp vs WhatsApp, all doubts about the app will disappear. You can download GB Apk Anti-Ban from the link provided on the website. You can also see trends on Twitter.

How To Download MBWhatsapp APK iOS 9.41 2022 Free For Android

Installing MB WhatsApp 8.95 apk download  is very easy as you just download the file apk from the above link. Then follow the settings on your smartphone. For those of you who didn’t follow the steps below to start installing it and try the mod, you can follow the installation process of MBWhatsApp 9.12 apk download app. Please note that the apk file download is complete. Here are the steps:

  • First, get MB Whatsapp iOS app and enable the unknown source
  • After this, simply go to the security setting of the phone and enable the Unknown source permissions.
  • Then click Install this MBWhatsapp by simply clicking the install button and wait for a while.
  • Once it gets installed, open this WhatsApp and start enjoying the features of this mod version.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Google Play Store have MBWhatsapp?

No, this MBWhatsapp is not available on the google play store because it is a third-party application that helps the users to get many premium features for free.

Why is MBWhatsapp GB not installed?

It may be due to the old version of MBWhatsapp or due to free space on your phone. So you need at least 1GB of internal memory to install this app.

Is MB Whatsapp safe?

Yes, this MB Whatsapp  is completely safe as it provides a safe platform for the users of this application. It also has a good support system for managing privacy and user data.

Can you use MBWhatsapp in iOS?

You can use the MB Whatsapp app on iOS devices but you need a good phone and meet minimum specifications such as minimum 4GB along with 1GB free space is required. If your devices meet these requirements, then you can easily use the mod version on iOS devices.

Conclusion On MBWhatsApp iPhone

I am sure you will love this MB Whatsapp iOS after reading this article. Also, all your queries related to this WhatsApp mod version will be solved. This is the latest in MB Whatsapp, it has many features. However, I think future updates will fix some of the issues.

But overall, this is the most popular version of WhatsApp mod with many interesting features that you can’t even imagine. So try to use MB Whatsapp instead of WhatsApp and enjoy this feature. We encourage you to get started.

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