There are many old platformer running and shooting games. Where one game really stands out to be one of the best which is Metal Slug 6 PPSSPP ISO. Metal slug is a game franchise which is a retro game franchise. Everyone loves games like these because it is small in size and also very fun to play.

It is an animated style game about shooting and platforming at different places. You get to play in different levels where you complete each and fight against bosses. Point your gun by many controls and fire in any direction you want to. Metal slug 6 is a really fun and time passing game. It is about military base style as well so look up to it.
At the start or the first time of the game, you get an automatic shooting handgun. Which shoots by itself automatically and you have to aim only. There will be many characters shooting at you as well. You have to avoid touching any of these bullets while proceeding ahead of the level. Metal Slug 6 PPSSPP Android is one of the greatest games released in its own serial.

What Is Metal Slug 6 PPSSPP ISO File

Metal Slug 6 PPSSPP

Metal Slug 6 PPSSPP game is back once again to make its franchise shine. Providing the players to play at any difficulty they want. It is easy and then the Hard difficulty. Of course, the difficulty has a great difference in both. If you’re a player who is new to the Metal Slug PPSSPP series. Then I really recommend the easy mode of the gameplay section.

The main easiness of the easy mode is that players get a machine gun at the starter weapon. The machine gun is a really strong weapon that fires very fastly automatically. Players have to just aim their guns at where they are going and what they want to shoot. Slugs are actually the character of the team which is featured in the game of high and top quality shooters.

Features Of Metal Slug 6: PSP ISO

Metal Slug 6 PPSSPP
Metal Slug 6 PPSSPP

Every slug has a different weapon and you can feel driven into their arts. The main game is a 2D side-scrolling type game that is loved by everyone. As you go more deeply into the level you see more drops of weapons and more health packages. Although in old games you would die in a single hit. Nowadays in Metal Slug 6 PPSSPP we get a health bar specifically.

Drop Of Different Weapons

As you play the game level in Metal Slug 6 PPSSPP ROM. You start up with a basic level but then change them with new ones from the level. There are many weapons with different kinds of fire rates. Which of course affects your gameplay and some players have their own fan favourite Guns in levels. The drop rates are different for every gun. So my friends really don’t expect to get your gun as soon as the game level starts.

Special Gun Power Up

The drops aren’t only for weapons only but for special weapons power-ups as well. It is a weapon stock system, where you add up two guns. Intermixing them into a brand new gun with different powers in it. Metal slug 6 PPSSPP Highly compressed is the game giving this feature. It is really fun as you can mix up two of your favourite guns into one. Making it a hybrid of the strongest guns ever in your arms. Leading to destroy everything in your way in the metal slug.

Multiply Your Score

In these types of retro games from old times. Scores really matter for everything. The score is the thing on which the game ranks our performance. We can increase our rank by just obtaining the rank multiplier. These rank multipliers are to be found on the levels, get near it to get it. Then every score will be multiplied by the original value. You can have triple, double, and more multiplayer. Give you extra and boosted scores throughout the whole game match.

Choose Your Own Slug

Slug is the name of the group of amazing characters. There are around 10 of them presented in this latest metal slug game. Every slug has different skills and abilities. The gun of Marco can deal much more damage than others. Some characters can throw bombs as a secondary weapon. Some characters are physical attacked based who attacks by their punches and kicks. All these special powers are just activated by clicking on a certain button in the game.

How To Download Metal Slug 6 PPSSPP Android

  • Metal slug 6 PPSSPP Download is a very unique game. Where you play a side-scrolling game having a guy with a gun shooting. It feels great because it’s a retro game and a kind of old game.
  • Firstly just in the process of downloading the game. You can go down here and simply get the game. It is very easy to get this game my friends and it won’t require that much of your time to get it.
  • The thing is it is run by a PPSSPP emulator. So it is highly important and necessary to have this application. It opens the path of unlimited fun, my friends.
  • Metal Slug 6 PPSSPP Android download is now playable. Earlier it wasn’t truly available for any mobile kinds of devices. Now you can easily play it so it’s better to take full funs of it.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1) Is metal slug 6 PSP ISO the best metal slug game?

A1) It is one of the best metal slug games but the latter can be decided by the players. It contains many new features and mechanisms which makes this game very special amongst metal slug games. There are new slugs to help you in your adventures. New levels and as well a new function of mixing weapons are added. All of these to make a perfect Metal Slug PSP game. If you’re a big fan of Metal Slug games, you can agree with me. That the game is one of the phenomenal games ever of Metal Slug.

Q2) Can new players have a shot at this game?

A2) This question really and honestly depends on the player who plays this game. There are two gameplay modes which are – Easy and Hard. Easy mode is the perfect place or choice for new players or new to metal slug. Whether the hard one is for the veteran players. It will be moderate at the hard difficulty for those who have been in the metal slug series for a long time. You can play the easy mode if you’re having a very big tough time in the Easy mode of the game.


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