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Welcome my very humble and very kindest visitors and friends. I welcome you all as always to my very unique and distinctive website. The name of the website is popular by the name of . You may know this website for its amazing and very amusing games. Which you can play directly into your Mobile devices such as Android or IOS. So well as for today the game i have for you all is a very intresting one. The game name is My Summer Car PPSSPP Android Download. This game is a very intresting survival based simulation game. Which focuses over cars and its mechanism of its insides. My Summer Car apk Obb download is really recommend for those who are into engineering of mechanism.

As the game have a garage where you have to repair or make cars. Yes my friends that’s the main concept of the game. You as a player work on cars and repairs it by assembling and disassembling it. Don’t take these functions very lightly in any kind of terms. As the game is very deep into the mechanics, which consists of Engine, gasoline, motor, radiator coolant, and brake fluid.

Information About The MY Summer Car PPSSPP Android

My Summer Car PPSSPP

My summer car is a fully Open world with a wide surrounding. Which focuses on mechanics and reparing of Cars or other vehicles. The game is develop by Amistech Games and publish by Amistech Games as well. My Summer Car apk download was set up to be release on October 24, 2016. Unfortunately the game development got many problems and the date of release changed.

Now the game is set up to be released in late 2021 months. This game is really really interesting in terms of its gameplay style. Not only it is focused on repairs of cars and vehicles but it is also a survival game. As in the game you as the player have to take care of the daily needs of the guy in game as well. Where you have to take care of hunger, thirst, fatigue, urine, stress, and dirtiness.

During that if you don’t take care of the player’s needs like these and let it deplete so much. The player will unfortunately die because of those unfinished daily needs of himself. With that you will loose the game and have to start over from the beginning. The game is originally releasing fot windows only but don’t be scared my dear friends. As here I’m providing the PPSSPP file of the game which you can play in your mobile.

GamePlay Of My Summer Car Apk PSP

My Summer Car PPSSPP
My Summer Car PPSSPP

As i already said the focus of the game My Summer Car android Mod apk is around garage. In the garage you’re allowed to fix and repair the cars. While doing that you have to be very careful as if you mess up even a bit you will loose. Where you will loose all of the money invested in the car and it will be a bad news. That is why you must put or place each and every part of car in right place/position.

Features Of Of Game

  • My summer car features a very deep mechanicsm of the Cars or vehicles including their parts as well.
  • Assemble and also disassemble the parts of the cars very carefully as it can lead to your failure in game.
  • If you do not repair or construct the vehicle like not putting engine correctly or assembling incorrectly you’ll loose.
  • Over more than total whole 50 vehicles available in game for you to repair as well as construct as a mechanic
  • Survival based gameplay as well where you have to take care the needs of the player or else he will die for sure.
  • Earn the money by taking in part in side ways jobs or side ways missions for the work or supplies in the garage.
  • As for the minimum Requirements for the game you need a device with 1GB around RAM and 1GB around space.
  • The game is set up to be released completely in the upcoming months in the end of the Year 2021 so wait for it.
  • The game is a must have for those who have intrest in the mechanism of cars or other kinds of vehicles as well.
  • An open world game where you have your own bed, washroom etc also can go outside anywhere you want to.

Player Self Needs

This is a very intresting and simulation game. The thing which i really feels amazing about this game that not only you have to build cars. Although also you have to take care of the personal needs of the main character of the game who is a 18 years boy. The self needs in My Summer Car free download iOS are swimming in the lake, drinking alcohol, smoking, or successfully performing tasks. You can buy food, beverages, and other supplies from the store.

Side Jobs Or Tasks

In order to get money to build the car or fix / repair it you need money. Where you also have to earn money while also keeping the self needs, really a tough game right? . To get all of the money for these needs, players can perform or take part in the side jobs or tasks in the game. My Summer Car Mobile download for Android/iOS have many kinds of jobs which player can do to have an easy job.

Short Info Of My Summer Car

Game NameMy Summer Car PPSSPP
File Size1.7GB
Published by
PlatformAndroid & PPSSPP
Android/iOS device6.0+ & iOS 10+
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How to download My Summer Car PPSSPP Highly Compressed

  • Click on the download button to get My summer Car ppsspp iso for android or ios.
  • Press on My Summer Car download game link to download the game file from the link.
  • After downloading, extract the game by any 7ZIP or zip file opener app in a single folder in your phone.
  • Then following that open up your ppsspp and look for game in the folder where you have the game.
  • Open up the directory of the game and open the game My Summer Car PPSSPP Download.
  • Progressing that then set up the settings of the My Summer Car psp from its option menu in game.
  • After that save up the settings and start playing Download My Summer Car ppsspp iso.

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