Power Warriors 13.6 Apk Download For Mobile

Hello anime fans, how are you guys, hope you are doing well and have fun playing the PPSSPP games mentioned by us in your mobile phone. Today I have again brought another new video game for you name Power Warriors 13.6 Apk. I have provide download link of two version of this game one is game means in modified apk version all characters will be already unlocked. If you have played game. Then you must know that now characters are not unlocked with help us by coins. You have to complete all the challenges in the games to unlock the characters. But we have added game for your convenience. You can unlock all characters in a one minute.

The complete information of this game is given below by reading. Which you will know a lot about Power Warriors mugen game.

About Of Power Warriors 13.6 Apk

Power Warriors 13.6 Apk

Power warriors is a very popular dbz mugen video game created by ariel it is a fan made mugen game with very nice battle modes like arcade, team battle and versus battle. Also, the graphics engine of 8-bit generation has used to make this game. When you play this game for the first time, this game will remind you of the video games of the 90s. Because 8-bit graphics were also used for games like 90s video games like dragon ball sonic blaster etc. I just want to tell that you will remember your childhood by playing Power Warriors 13.6 apk.

In addition to the game, power warriors 1.0 to 13.5 also come but this mugen game is the latest game in which many features have been provided.


Power Warriors 13.6 Apk
Power Warriors 13.6 Apk

In power warriors 13.6 apk, you get to see a lot of battle modes, which are completely mentioned below.

  • Arcade:- If you have played fighting games, then you must be well aware of the arcade mode, if you do not know, then I want to tell you that through this mode you will be able to enjoy a single battle in which you have to defeat the boss of each level. will have to.
  • Watch Play:- Power warriors is better than other mugen games because it has features of windows mugen game watch play name feature is seen only in windows mugen game through this you can watch the match of cpu vs cpu battle.
  • Quick Play:- This is the most popular battle mode for power warriors. This battle mode competes between random characters like three vs two players etc.
  • Boos Battle:- In this battle mode, you have to defeat the boss of each level. To win the game completely, you may have to wait for some time. If you leave the game in the middle, you will lose all the levels that you won.


More than 170 dragon ball characters given in this video game. For example dragon ball super, super dragon ball heroes, dragon ball gt and dragon bsllr af etc.

  • Goku SSJ5:- Goku super saiyan 5 is a character from super dragon ball heroes that is fan made this character comes in only mugen game.
  • Jiren:- If you have watched dragon ball super then this character will be your favorite and all forms of jiren is available in game.
  • Gogeta:- Coming with the fusion of goku and vegeta one of the most power full character gogeta game comes with some of the main forms of gogeta like super saiyan 4, super saiyan god and ultra instinct.

How To Download Power Warriors 13.6 Mod Apk

  • First of all, click on the button named download now given below, then you taken to the download page where you have to wait for 15 seconds and then download the game file by clicking on the get link.
  • Install the game’s file, if the option of unknown sources comes, then allow it so that the game file can installed successfully.
  • Now open game in your mobile if you want to play this game in pc then follow the above procedure. If you face any problem related to power warrior 13.6 apk then you can contact us by commenting

Power Warriors V13.6 Apk Download With Information

NamePower Warriors V13.6 Apk
File TypeApk
PlatfromsAndroid, Windows
Android Version5.0.1
Graphics2D Pixel Type

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