Power Warriors 13.8 Mod APK Download

Welcome my dedicated gamers who are also friendly and addictive. I welcome all of you to my very special and helpful gaming website. Which name is popular among gamers by the name by Android1roms.com . Where i present many kinds of games right for you gamers. All of these games are available for you to run directly into your android or IOS devices. Therefore the game which i have for you all today is a special mugen type game. The name of the game is Power Warriors 13.8 APK for Android devices and IOS devices. Power warriors latest version apk is a mugen type game which is build specially for mobile devices. There are mugen games which you can play into your mobile by using exagear simulator.

Although exagear isn’t that much stable and it usually lags. That is why we have a game like Power Warriors 13.8 android which is fully stable and very fun. The game usually gets updated so expect many kinds of updates in near future. This time i have the power warriors version 13.8 apk for you all. Which introduces new stages alongside with new characters as well.

Introduction Of The Power Warriors 13.8 APK

Power Warriors 13.8 APK
Power Warriors 13.8 APK

Power warriors 13.8 apk is a mugen like entertaining game made by ariel. The game is made purely by fans and by ariel specifically. Which means that every single sprites of characters is made up officially and originally. There are many kinds of characters which are available in a long menu or roster to choose from. Most of the dragon ball characters are there and it still gets updated usually.

It is best for those people who want to try out the retro games. As they are bored playing the high definition games. We all love retro and simple graphic games soemtimes. Not only that but Power warriors apk is not something less too. The action in power warriors android download is immense for a mobile game. There are many kinds of game modes available for you to enjoy.

Not only that but there are many large maps where you can fight. With that you can bring over 3 characters into the fight who fights simultaneously. This means that the game supports a 3 versus 3 battle having a total 6 characters on screen. You can do many kinds of attacks which are included from original dragon ball anime or manga. This is the latest version named as download Power Warriors 13.8 apk.

Some Key Features Of Power Warriors 13.8 Mod Apk

  • New characters are added into power warriors 13.8 apk android which includes Hakaishin vegeta.
  • Different kinds of gameplay modes available which keeps you entertained for many hours in game.
  • The game supports upto whole 3 versus 3 battle which fills the whole screen by thrilling action.
  • High speed combat action which is competitive and cool for an android game or an ios game.
  • Doesn’t need much of a requirement like exagear emulator to be able to run in your mobile device.
  • New stages are added as well which includes a Return of cooler stage having metal cooler arms interacting.
  • Can perform many kinds of attacks where each character have at least 4 super attacks to do in the combat.
  • Get involved in a fast pace combat where you can pick any character from the character list of the game.
  • Power warriors 13.8 have over 100 and more characters from the original dragon ball franchise by akira toriyama.
  • Experience the ultimate gameplay experience as it is fully offline and you won’t have to deal with annoying ads.

New Characters

Power warriors 13.8 APK download contains new characters just like every update. This time around we have characters from the manga of dragon ball super going on. We have new modified moro and the angel agent merus. Alongside with that we have the newest form of vegeta – Hakaishin Vegeta. The game also add up new characters from dragon ball Z as well like saiyan saga Goku and piccolo.

2D Pixel Graphics

The graphics of power warriors is pure retro based having sprites of everything. Which is pixelated like any other mugen games as we all know. Although many people likes these kinds of graphics and some don’t. Aside from the graphics, the gameplay of power warriors download is epic. You can play in many kinds of game modes having 3 characters. You can also play in 1 versus 1 or 2 versus 2 as well aside from 3 versus 3.

Short Info Of The Power Warriors V13.8 Apk

FilenamePower Warriors Apk
File Size118 MB
Current Version13.8
Required Android Version6.0 and up
Installed Apk400k+
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The game Power warriors is a very light game to be honest. Which makes the game very easy to be have in any phone. The game weights Nothing more than even 300mb or anything more. It only needs 1GB RAM at most and 1GB internal storage at most to run. These specifications are totally fine to run the game into your mobile device.

The Installation Process Of Power Warriors 13.8 APK On Android

  • Click on the download button to Download Power warriors 13.8 APK for Android and IOS devices.
  • Download the game by surfing through the site and following the steps or solving Captchas given.
  • Wait for the game Power warriors apk to get download in your phone where you have to install too.
  • Then before installing the game allow the unknown resources to get installed in your mobile device.
  • After that normally install Power Warriors v13.8 apk into your android or IOS devices.
  • When you’re done installing, kindly open the game from the application section of your mobile.
  • Then you need to go through the tutorial it have for the beginners who are playing the game first time.
  • After that you can play Power Warriors apk download without any kind of problem into your phone

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