Project Rush B APK+OBB Download For Android (100% Work)

Hello friend, hope you all are good! Today we have again brought an amazing game for those who love action packed shooting games. The game is Project Rush B APK OBB which is famous for its action-packed gameplay and high-quality graphics. Project Rush B Download thing makes you feel that you are playing a valorant game which enhances the gaming experience of the gamer.

Project Rush B Android apk is typical FPS shooting game along with an interesting gaming mode i.e. Bomb Defusal that make it totally unique and different mobile shooting game available for the android or iOS device. Moreover, in this game, 5vs5 gaming mode is very famous among gamers because it is played by lots of people worldwide. Also, this Project Rush B game is also known for its turn based strategy gameplay because you have fight with terrorist. So, if you are curious to know more about this Project Rush B apk, its features, gameplay, installation process and many more, then read till the end. 

What Is Project Rush B APK

project rush b apk

Project Rush B mobile apk is one of the most popular and advanced FPS 5v5 shooting games. Where you have to cooperate with your colleagues to clear the bomb in all areas. If you don’t want everything to explode for at least the expected minute. Navigating smartly at each location of the map will be something essential. It’s a mix of video games like Battle Prime or Valorant that you’ll catch in the first round.

In Project Rush B apk you have many types of characters that you can play the roles of to get fully involved in the action. The title has a visual 3D segment ready to follow the development of each attack with complete facts. The control system is fully adapted for touch devices and is largely similar to other first-person shooting games found in the Android video game catalogue.

Key Features Of Project Rush B Mobile APK

project rush b apk
project rush b apk

Play 5vs5 Gaming Modes

One of the main reasons to play this Project Rush B Apk download game. Is that it allows you to play 5vs5 gaming mode which gives you a feeling of valorant or counter strike. As in this mode, you will have a team of 5 which compete with another person and have your main aim to win 7 rounds out of 13. Also, the average time of a combat shooting match is 15 minute which makes the game more exciting and thrilling to play.

Various Playable Heroes

Furthermore, the power rush B game allows you to play with 7 playable heroes. Which makes the game more exciting to play. Also, each of the heroes comes with unique and different skills, power and strength.

Customize Feature

In addition, in this power rush B apk game. You can customize various things according to your interest like strategy of the player without affecting the gameplay. Customising the power, strength, or skill of the heroes. Also, it allows you to customise the setting and graphics of the game according to your phone requirement. As you can play this game in both high and low fps. Furthermore, you can also customize the weapons design. OowPr according to your interest which make it more enjoyable to play.

High Quality Graphics

Another main reason to play this Project Rush B apk game is that it comes with high quality graphics which make it more exciting and intense gameplay. Also, the animation effects during the fighting match makes the game more thrilling and enhances the gaming experience. Furthermore, the graphics are so similar to the valorant game. Which makes you feel that you are playing this game on a mobile device.

Use Various Weapons

Additionally, you will get a chance to use various weapons which make it more intense gameplay. You will use various things like knife, frag, Spectre, Phantom, Vandal, Operator, Stinger, Ares, Odin, and many more. It makes the game more exciting to play as you will have to kill other people by using different types of  weapons.

Team Up Match

In a Project Rush B apk OBB game, you have to play a 5vs5 squad match which makes the game more exciting and thrilling. As each teammate has different task in the game like someone can  do planting or  detonating a bomb. However, the main motive of the player is to win that particular match and reach the end of the match with a score of 7 out of 13.

Completely Free And Safe

Moreover, this power rush B game is totally safe and secure for the users because it comes with high level security. Also, you can also download this shooting game for free from the link mentioned in this post. Moreover, by playing the mod version of this game, you will enjoy lots of premium features for free like unlimited game currency, no in-app purchases, unlocked all weapons, skins of weapons, clothes and many more.

Gameplay Of Project Rush B Android APK

Undoubtedly, Project Rush B apk game is powerful, it focuses on teamwork and interacts with other players next to you to plant or eliminate a bomb, earn money every turn and use that money to buy better gear or weapons. RushB is very similar to Valorant, with hero characters each with different abilities.

In Project RushB, players are divided into two groups in a 5-on-5 format. Competitions are held in the usual way, in the form of “bomb clearing”. The map is small but the places are big. The duration of the games is 15 minutes, the main task is to win 7 out of 13 rounds. By the way, shooting with a sniper rifle is a pleasure. At the same time, you can take the weapons that fell on the enemy or just scatter on the map if he does not want to. However, the most important feature is that it has 60 FPS support.

Reviews/Rating On Project Rush B Download

Project Rush B apk Game with laser edge has been created and released on various devices like android, iOS, PlayStation and much more. RushB is a topic closely related to other genres such as Counter-Strike or Valorant, which actually supports an unusual theme. The game features a number of heroes, each with their own unique skills and abilities.

You will use the playground displayed on the left side of the screen to navigate all over the map. Always tap on different action buttons to make the most of the weapons you find along the way. Similarly, in all the different battles, you will always have a scoreboard that will allow you to count the deaths caused by the opposing team.

Quick Information Of Project Rush B APK Download

In short, you’re up against a shooter with addictive gameplay that can engage you in exciting and emotional battles. Downloading the Project RushB APK allows you to test your ability to turn off each blast while completing all the opponents you find in each setting.

Game NameProject Rush B APK
DeveloperLaser Edge Studio
File Size80.5 MB + 1.05 GB
Game VersionV2.0.4
CategoryShooting Game
Operating SystemAndroid/ iOS
Rating4.5 /5.0
CategoriesRPG Game

How To Download Project Rush B APK OBB Data For Android

  • First of all, you have to get the Project Rush B apk +OBB file by clicking the download link mentioned in this post.
  • Then, give access to unknown source permission inside the security setting.
  • After this, you have clicked the apk file of this Project Rush B game by navigating inside the download folder.
  • Now, you have to tap on the install button and wait for a while until this Project Rush B game gets installed.
  • Once it gets installed, copy the Project Rush B OBB file and paste at android/OBB folder inside the file manager.
  • Now, you have to open this Project Rush B game and enable all the necessary permissions.
  • Lastly, start enjoying its action-packed gameplay and high quality graphics.
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Final Words

Wellz we are confident that you will love this power rush B apk game because of its intense gameplay which you will not see in any other shooting game available in the play Store. Most interesting, by playing this 5vs5 FPS shooting game, you will get the same gaming experience that you get while playing the valorant or counter strike. However, the only difference you will notice is the graphics quality. But overall, it is one of the best shooting games ever developed by gamers due to many reasons which we have mentioned in this post. That's why,  we  suggest you guys try this power rush game and start enjoying its intense and action packed gameplay with your friend.

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