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If you love to play shooting games but still don’t feel excited, then you might not have played enough games. As we know, there are lots of online shooting games but some people are confused about which one will be best for them. Then, don’t get worried as we have shared the Rainbow Six Mobile APK OBB which is played by millions of people because Rainbow Six Mobile iOS is action-packed gameplay and many other reasons why this game and shooter are so popular.

The Rainbow six android apk Game is one of the best and new online shooting games. In the game, players have the option to shoot indiscriminately at other enemies and have to be brave if they want to defeat all the enemies during the challenge. So, if you want to know more about rainbow six apk games, gameplay, features and more, read this article carefully till the end.

What Is Rainbow Six Mobile APK OBB

R6 Mobile apk

Rainbow Six Mobile is a popular free-to-play tactical FP shooter game. Which offered and released by Ubisoft for various devices including Android, iOS, PlayStation, and Windows. Furthermore, the game comes with many gaming modes especially multilayer. Which make the game more interesting and allows the gamers to take on the role of counter-terrorist agents. Who have a motive to defeat terrorist. As a first-person shooter, Rainbow Six Mobile APK offers gameplay full of various advanced weapons and equipment.

Rainbow Six Mobile is an ever-changing game mode developed which allows players to discover new strategies and tactics. Each update brings new dark rules that introduce new special forces officers, weapons, equipment and maps. Together with his friends in the ever-changing scene, he became a respected and respected special force. The  Rainbow Six Mobile APK game allows players to choose different characters that have excellent skills and can fight the enemy in an exciting and intense 5v5 format to make the game more fun.

R6 Mobile APK For Android Feauters

rainbow six mobile Android
rainbow six mobile apk
rainbow six mobile apk

Destroy Obstacles

The  Rainbow Six Mobile APK game environment is designed to destroyed if your path to victory is blocked. Weapons can conquer all obstacles and have to defend yourself from the obstacle you face in your way. Don’t forget to use a hole punch to punch through thick layers of walls. If the corner of the room is wide, use the bombs and blow them up. There no safe haven in an environment that can be easily manipulated and destroyed. You and your friends should exercise regularly. In addition, the team must be constantly alert. If they do not want to found and killed by the enemy.

Spectacular Graphics And Sound

The rainbow six mobile Android game created on a detailed and exciting battlefield. Modern design school and battlefield. The objects and details in this school are sharp and authentic. Also, increase the power of the battlefield with explosive bomb effects. Each stage has a different design for a different experience. Every action sound, victory message, companion reminder and more will keep you motivated and excited.

In-Game Characters

The rainbow six mobile apk obb game features a variety of characters with over 20 characters from 5 different classes for players to choose from easily. Each map is also diverse, as the bank features Ash, Chan, Tweet, Thermite, and Hibana, while the bomb lineup features Smoke, Bandit, Valkyrie, Kavira, and Silent.Weapons for fighters are also different. Before each match, this system allows you to choose the right fighter. Before choosing allies, it is better to choose your favourite fighter. Because team members cannot choose the same fighter.

Weapons and Tools

The rainbow six mobile mod apk game allows you to practice using weapons, which makes the game more compelling. Each operator has a primary weapon, secondary weapon, equipment and special abilities. Each weapon and equipment specific to a particular operator and obtained through that operator’s progression. Weapon stats can adjusted with weapon attachments. This game features R4-C, M4, FN FAL, MP7, M500, T-95 LSW, Luison, SMG-11, Flash Grenade, Knife, Grab and many more weapons.

Gameplay Of Rainbow Six Mobile iOS

Rainbow Six Mobile APK offers similar gameplay as its previous game. As you will have to play a 5v5 battle royale game between attackers and defenders and each player only gets one life per round. Players will have access to several operators offered in other parts of the franchise. Only one specialist can be selected in each game and cannot be changed until the end of the round.

This aspect emphasizes communication between your teammates when planning an attack or setting up a defence. Both sides start each round with a warm-up. Attackers can use drones to scan the environment and identify enemies and targets. Defenders can strengthen their positions by building fortified walls and barriers around. Them and using unique abilities to defend the area.

The  Rainbow Six Mobile game replicates Siege’s destruction system and allows players to destroy buildings by detonating explosives or shooting their walls. The game environment has a layering system where environment objects made of different materials react differently to the player’s attack. The projectile penetration system characterised by the fact that projectiles deal less damage when hitting an enemy structure.

Battles Maps On Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Apk 2022

  • Bank:- This bank is very strict, and hard to reach because it is located in the centre of many metropolises. The building divided into several small and medium-sized rooms. All of which are suitable for defence and ensure that attackers will not be able to find their target.
  • Borders:- This other map of thisRainbow Six Mobile APK game is located on the border of two countries and creates a sense of isolation. The map surrounded by mountains and consists of new and old buildings and lots of open spaces. The card is one of the most vulnerable and easily destroyed. So moving it a risk that needs to be carefully considered.

Gaming Modes On Rainbow Six Mobile Mod APK

Each game mode is similar to its Siege counterpart. As matches played in 5v5 mode and consist of one stage to increase access to new players.

Secure Arena

It is a PVP game mode feature in this Rainbow Six Mobile game and is available in Quick Play and Arcade, as well as several seasonal events. In this gaming mode, two teams will compete in a 5v5 format for 4 minutes.


This a PVP game mode available in Rainbow Six mobile apk game in which Two bombs are placed in the right place. They are usually located next to each other or in adjacent rooms, and in some places, there are separate bomb bays between floors.

How To Download Rainbow Six Mobile APK Latest Version For Android

  • First of all, you have to get the Rainbow Six mobile apk + OBB files from the link mentioned in this post.
  • Secondly, you have to go inside the security setting and enable the unknown source.
  • Then, you have to navigate to the download manager and click the apk file of this Rainbow Six mobile game.
  • Once it gets installed, you have to copy and paste the Rainbow six OBB file and paste it inside the OBB file folder inside the file manager.
  • Lastly, you have to open this Rainbow six game and enjoy its action-packed gameplay along with its attractive graphics.

FAQ’s Related Rainbow Six Mobile Beta APK

Can we play Rainbow six on mobile?

The Rainbow Six mobile games are played on mobile devices as the developer has finally released the mobile version after a long time. Also, it is the first mobile game in the Rainbow Six series but a more thrilling and exciting game because of its enhanced graphics. Moreover, to get a lag-free gaming experience your phone should meet the minimum requirement such as the latest processor, at least 4 GB RAM, free disk space up to 5 GB, and many more.

Is Rainbow Six Mobile free?

Yes, of course, this Rainbow six mobile game is totally free to download and also does not charge any amount to play this game. You can download this shooting game from this website as we always provide secured and free apk files.

Final Words

That’s all in the post and we are confident that you will love to play this online shooting game and get excited by its action-packed gameplay. One most important thing about this Rainbow six mobile apk game is that it received many positive reviews from the player which indicates how amazing and thrilling the game is. That’s we are suggesting you people play this Rainbow Six mobile game and can enjoy all the action scenes

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