Welcome everybody, my kind visitors and addictive gamers. I welcome you all to my gaming amazing and helpful website. Which name is known as Android1roms.com? On this website, I present many entertaining and fabulous Games. Which you can play on your android device and IOS device easily with the help of me. As of today, the game which I am presenting is an addictive fighting game (Tekken 3 ISO For PPSSPP Highly Compressed). The game name is Tekken 3 PPSSPP For IOS and android. Tekken 3 PPSSPP Apk download is a very nostalgic game that is most gamer’s childhood. When we were younger, we used to play this amazing game. This amazing game Tekken 3 PSP ISO lets us fight against many opponents throughout the game. Which features a very dynamic fighting style gameplay of TEKKEN 3 PPSSPP Zip File Download. Also check our Best Tekken Series PPSSPP Game list for aqndroid and ios mobile phone.

The game never fails us in terms of unlimited entertainment. Not only it is fighting-style gameplay but it brings back so many memories by playing this game. There are many characters included in this game that you can try out in battle. Every character has its own unique gameplay. Where you will feel excitement by playing with all characters. There are various game modes as well. So what are you waiting for? Download the game now. I recommend this special fighting game installment to every gamer.

About Tekken 3 PPSSPP


Tekken 3 is a fighting action-based simulation video game. Which is released in March 1997 firstly for any kinds of different platforms. Platforms like PlayStation, Arcade game, Arcade video game. Don’t be panic if you don’t see the android or ios in platform sections. It is because I am going to provide you the iOS and Android versions of the game here. So that you can easily play the game Tekken 3 on your android or ios devices.

One of the most fascinating parts about the game which I want to tell you is that. The game is totally free and offline in terms of its gameplay. Yes friends you have heard me right, you can play it without the internet. These days everyone provides games with internet which you need to run the game. I am providing you a full offline entertaining game that you can play easily without any problems. Since the game is offline it is fully lag-free as well.

Character Selection On Tekken 7 PSP

The game Tekken 3 PPSSPP Android contains over 20+ characters. Jin Kazama, Heihachi, gon, armor king, king, Yoshimitsu, Linx, showering, ogre, monster ogre, mokijin, panda, Kuma, law, jack, etc. These characters are included in this special nostalgic game. Not only that but you can also customize the characters. You can change their clothing, you can customize their moves as well. Each and every character have their own outfits which you can change during character selection.

Review Of Graphics

The graphics of the Tekken 3 iso game is very nostalgic and kinda blocky in nature. In our childhood, the graphics weren’t that much improved. Hence the graphics look somewhat pixelated and you can imagine why. Even with that, the gameplay of the game is very fun to play it. As the gameplay is very smooth and fluid while playing. The moves perform so well while we perform combos in-game. Each character has its own designated models. The models have a special lightning effect which may look old but also cool.

Tekken 3 ISO For PPSSPP Lag Free?

If the game is lag-free, then it will not have any kind of problems. You can smash the directional buttons and the 4 action buttons to perform many kinds of moves. These flashy moves are known as a signature, ultimate or special attacks. You can perform the ultimate attack when the special bar is somewhat filled up. There are one-hit K.O moves as well which you can perform to deal a massive blow. This will cost your opponent the whole health bar at once.

Game Options

If we talk about the game mode of Tekken 3. Then I must admit that there are many unique options compared to all Tekken games. The special volleyball mode, which is not available in any Tekken mode is available. In this game mode, you play volleyball on the beach and avoid the ball touching land. Just like this, there are many other game modes available in this game. Arcade mode, the special story mode, newly modified versus mode, training mode, etc.

Minimum Requirements For The Game

Just like any other Tekken games or any other PSP/PPSSPP games. Tekken 3 game PPSSPP also has its own minimum requirements. Which your device must meet in order to run this game on your mobile device. The Minimum Requirements for Tekken 3 PSP CSO are 1GB RAM and 1GB storage. If your device has these minimum requirements then it will be able to run the game without any difficulty. I assure you that the game will not have any kind of gameplay errors or Graphical errors.

Features Of Game

  • Highly nostalgic and high-definition blocky type graphics of the game.
  • Over 20+ original-based characters, which came first in Tekken games.
  • More than over 10+ stages which you can play during game matches.
  • The game is fully free to play and totally offline in terms of its gameplay.
  • As for the game modes, their tons of games modes that will keep you entertained.
  • I’m providing a highly compressed version of the game which is small in size.
  • The game needs requirements of 1GB RAM and 1GB Storage in your device.

How To Download Tekken 3 PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed

  • Proceed through the site and click on the download button.
  • Click on Tekken 3 game link to download the game file from the link.
  • After downloading, extract the game from any WinRAR app in the following directory on your device.
  • Then following that open up your ppsspp and look for the game directory on your mobile.
  • Open up the directory of the game and open the game Tekken 3 PPSSPP by clicking on it.
  • Progressing that then set up the settings of the game as to your likings and style.
  • After that save up the settings and start playing the Tekken 3 ppsspp on your mobile.


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