Tekken 4 APK 35MB Download For Android Latest Version (APK+OBB)

APP NameTekken 4 APK
Developer Tekken Studio
PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment
CategoryRPG Games
Version6.0+ and iOS 10+
Total Download500K

Honestly, When you feel bored and have no one to play with or talk to, it can be hard to cheer yourself up. So, we have brought an amazing game which will make you happy and you will not get bored while playing it. The game is Tekken 4 apk is the best choice for you because it will come with action-packed gameplay which allows you to do various battles.

The Tekken 4 Android APK game is known for its fight scenes that make the game more interesting. In this action-packed game.You will have to fight in fighting competitions or fight with your friends using your favorite special characters. So, let us know more about this Tekken 4 game, characters, features, game modes, gameplay and more, so please stay with us till the end.

What Is Tekken 4 APK 35MB

Tekken 4 APK Offline

Tekken 4 MOBILE APK is one of the best and most famous fighting simulation video games from Bandai Namco Entertainment and is the fourth instalment in the popular Tekken series. Furthermore, this action packed game was first introduced for PlayStation and XBox. But later due to its popularity they have developed for various devices such as android, iOS, windows, and many more. 

This tekken 4 apk game is loved or played by millions of people worldwide because of its battles, characters, moves, and many more. Moreover, this game is very popular and popular among gamers due to its quality graphics intense fighting scenes. Knowing its popularity among people.The company released Tekken 4 and added many updates and new characters to make the game more fun and interesting.

Tekken 4 APK+OBB Game Feauters

Tekken 4 Android APK
Tekken 4 apk free download
Tekken 4 apk obb

Animated Graphics

This Tekken 4 apk comes with animated high-quality graphics which enhance the gameplay and its surroundings. In addition, the animation effects during the fight make it more interesting and exciting.

Game Size

Another feature of Tekken 4 MOD APK Game is that the game size is not that big which means that this action-packed fighting game can be played on various devices and will take less space. However, you will need at least 4 GB Phone to get lag free Gaming experience.

Iconic Outfit

Best of all, every character in this Tekken 4 apk game has a unique outfit, like Claudio in a white suit. However, since there are no settings, you won’t be able to change the clothes you want. This is the most interesting feature of Tekken, Abandoned Temple, Arctic Snow, Arena (Tekken 4), Brimstone and Fire, Cave of Consciousness, Devil’s Pit, Domo, etc. You can go through each stage in a different place, for example, give the option to play. Di Sirio, Howard Stitt and others.

Completely Free and Safe

Furthermore, this Tekken 4 APK Download 35MB game is secure with high level security which means you can play this game without any issue. In addition, this action packed game is free to play and download on any device.Also download this tekken 4 game for free from the link in the post and I can.

Simple Controls And Interface

Another great feature of the best Tekken 4 for Android is that it comes with simple controls that make it easy for players to understand the moves. In addition, the user interface is more attractive in terms of maximizing the gaming experience.

Gameplay Of Tekken 4 APK PC

This Tekken 4 APK Download for Android game undoubtedly comes with action fighting games that make the game more fun and entertaining. It is based on a 1v1 fighting game instead of a multiplayer game like 2v2 or 4v4. That’s why many people like this Tekken 4 game more than other fighting games. Also, you will get a chance to choose your favorite character in this game in which you have to use to fight against other players in the game.

Further, in this tekken 4 game, you will get a chance to play various gaming modes that make it more enjoyable and thrilling. One of them is Battle mode which allows you to play various multiple stages with the same character until you get defeated by any one.  You also have to use that character’s special moves to win the battle. Importantly, each round consists of 3 rounds, meaning the player who wins 2 out of 3 rounds wins.

Diffrent Gaming Modes On Tekken 4 APK PPSSPP

You will be surprised that this Tekken 4 apk obb game has many game modes that make the game more fun.

Arcade Battle

One of the best gaming modes of this tekken game as it allows you to battle with various characters one by one until you get defeated.  Also, each team must win and the other players lose at a certain time to advance in the game. Another gaming mode of this Tekken is Battle Trials in which you will get  challenges that you have completed to earn rewards and will improve your skills and abilities.

Story Battle

This gaming mode of this Tekken 4 APK download divided into two parts like Mishima Saga has episodes where the cast meets regular Tekken characters, and there are episodes where many characters meet and make fun videos.

Ranked Battle

This is an exciting online game mode where players compete against random players from around the world.

Training Mode

In this gaming mode, you will get a chance to train your character and learn new moves which you can use during fighting matches against other characters. Moreover,this helps them develop skills and abilities that will be needed in real war games.

VS Battle

Further, this gaming mode is considered to be one of the best because you will get a chance to battle with your friends just like the multiplayer mode that will increase the excitement level of the gamers. This mode is satisfying and a lot of fun to play.

Quick Match

Last gaming mode which you will play in this tekken 4 apk game is the Quick match that allows you to play with random characters which will be controlled by the AI or computer.  improve your skills and abilities. It also helps to learn about character,  its moves  and improve your abilities to play this game.

Characters Name On Tekken 4 Android Free Download

This Tekken 4 apk game allows you to play with 59 playable characters and allows you to choose your own character. Additionally, each character has unique attacks and moves that must be used to defeat other players in battle.

Male Characters

Jin Kazama, Heihachi Mishima, Lars Alexanderson, Jinpachi Mishima, Kazuya Mishima, Churan Lee, Imoshimitsu, Huarang, Akuma, Ancient Ogre, Curious King, Bruce Irwin, Devil Jin, Dr. Boscanovich, Eddie Gorda, Heihachi Mishima, etc.

Female Characters

Nina Williams, Kazumi Mishima, Jun Kazama, Anna Williams, Asuka Kazama, Asuka Kazama, Xiaoyu Lin, Christie Monteiro, Miharu Hirano, Emilie de Rochefort, Alisa Boskanovich, and others.

Special Moves On Tekken 4 For Mobile APK

As we know, each player has a special attack that they use when fighting against their opponent. That’s why, we have discussed  some of the popular movies made by the special character in this game that can be used during battle.

Rage Art

A powerful attack introduced in Tekken 4 apk that is only used when the player is angry. As a result, it increases the power of any action that helps reduce the health of other player characters.

Overwhelming Force

A popular special move used as a counter attack. Likewise, each spell will block or absorb another opponent’s attack before attacking with a specific move.

Bolt Strike

A powerful attack that causes the character to perform a super move that deals more health damage than any other move with Rage Art. A combo attack that performs multiple actions at once.

10 Hit Combo

This attack is considered to be the most dangerous attack in Tekken 4 APK. This move can be performed with any character in Tekken, but you must learn control to perform this move. Commonly called the Ki power used by all players during battle which os consider to one of the most dangerous attack. Further, this attack will reduce almost entire health of opponent’s characters.

How To Download Tekken 4 APK+OBB Free For Android

  • First, you have to get the tekken 4 apk file by clicking the download link.
  • Secondly, go inside the browser setting and allows the unknown source permission.
  • After this, you have to click double tap the apk file of this Tekken 4 game by naviagting inside the download folder.
  • After installation, you don’t need to open this game, just copy the Tekken 4 OBB file to the correct folder.
  • Then open this Tekken 4 game and allow access to all necessary permissions.
  • Lastly, start enjoy the action packed gameplay of this tekken 4 game.

Final Words

The Tekken 4 APK game is perfect for players who want to play a game full of action and intense fighting. This Tekken 4 game has everything you need, including game modes, wart animation effects, character battles, and multiple game modes, so you’ll love it. However, I’m sure the engineers will improve it in future updates. So I encourage you to play and try this Tekken 4 game and enjoy the intense fighting scene.

FAQ’s Related Tekken 4 APK Offline

Can we download Tekken 4 in android?

You can download thus Tekken 4 game in your android device but your should meet minimum system requirements to play this game such as latest processor, android version, 4GB RAM, free space, and many more.

Is tekken 4 free to play?

Yes, the Tekken game is free to play and download but you will have to download from this website not from the Official as you will have to pay for this game.

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