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Video games are made for fun, but some games are made for people who like fighting simulators. That’s why we are sharing the Tekken 5 APK 35MB which comes with action gameplay and allows you to engage in various battles. Furthermore, this fighting game supports a multiplayer mode that makes the game more enjoyable and addictive to play.

Tekken 5 is considered to have one of the best fighting scenes which will enhance your gaming experience. As in this game, you will get a chance to play or enjoy the Tekken battle which makes it more enjoyable. Let’s know more about this Tekken 5 game, and its gaming modes. Gameplay, characters, features, and many more, so please read the article till the end.

What Is Tekken 5 APK Mod Offline

Tekken 5 Android highly compressed

Tekken 5 is known for its action-packed gameplay which offered by Bandai Namco Entertainment for various devices such as android, PlayStation, XBOX, iOS, Windows, Macbook, etc. Furthermore, it also considered one of the great fighting simulation video games. Furthermore, the Tekken 5 Android offline game allows you to enjoy various battle scenes that enhance the gaming experience of the gamers.

This Tekken 5 APK for the android game loved and played by millions of people all over the world because of its fighting, characters, action, and much more. The main reason for getting popularity among gamers is its good quality graphics along with intense fighting scenes. That’s why the developer has added many new features in the game along with they have added many new characters and stages. So that the gamers get more excitement.

Features Of Tekken 5 APK + OBB For Android

Tekken 5 apk obb
Tekken 5 apk offline
Tekken 5 mobile
Tekken 5 pc

Quality Graphics

Tekken 5 APK 35 MB game comes with very good graphics, although has less game size than other games. Even if you have a cheap mobile device, you can play this game with better graphics quality. The Tekken 5 Android game has all the animation effects and random graphics. That you can see in the console version. Another reason why people love this game more than others. The graphics of this game have improved a lot with the latest update and you can feel the difference.

External Controller Support

Tekken 5 controls are great and can customized to suit your needs. But you can also play the game with a Bluetooth controller if you want. When the controller connected to your device. The game will automatically recognize it and allow you to play with it.

New Characters

The best thing about the Tekken 5 apk game is that. It doesn’t change the main characters of the game, it keeps them and adds more to the game itself. You can choose your favorite character, each with unique abilities and fighting style, so you can choose your favorite character. ASUKA, DEVIL JIN, FENG, JACK-5, JINPACHI, RAVEN, and ROGER JR are new characters added to the game with new abilities.

Easy To Play

Whether you have played Tekken or not, Tekken 5 mobile games are very easy to play on Android. The controls are visible and can adjusted as needed. You can also change your characters’ equipment, clothing, attributes, and combat abilities in the game as needed.

Different Game Stages

Also in this Tekken 5 game you can enjoy different stages which make this fighting game more fun and interesting. Acid Rain, Burning Temple, Cathedral, Dusk City, Dragon Stairs, Last Frontier, Lunar Desert, Pirate Cove, Swimming Pool, Secret Garden, Urban Forest, and Waterfall are playable locations in this version of Tekken. play

Cool Moves

Every character in the Tekken 5 APK game has a unique fighting move that can change any fight. Every time you use a special move, it affects your opponent’s health, making it easier or harder to win. So be careful when choosing combat actions against your opponent in the game.

Progress Bar

The progress bar shows your character’s health. As you take damage, your physical strength will decrease and the battle will become more difficult as the depletion decreases.

Free and Safe

What’s more, the Tekken 5 game is protected by a high level of security. So you can play this game without any problem. Moreover, you can download this action game for free and on any device. Which you can get from the link mentioned below in this post.

Gameplay Of Tekken 5 Mobile APK

Tekken 5 apk is the best package for those who love arcade games. The game has many modes. The story is the first mod if you want to interact with the characters. All you have to do now is to choose your favorite fighter and play the story in the game. As you fight and win, you progress through your character’s stories and get to know them better. Most interestingly, each match comes with 3 rounds and the player who won the round will win the match.

Also, if you are tired of playing, you can play in fast mode. This feature allows you to freely choose players and opponents for further battles. As for your favorite characters, the game includes all the characters from your childhood video games and adds new characters to make your playtime even more fun.

Tekken 5 Android Highly Compressed Modes

Arcade Battle

This is one of the best game modes in the Tekken 5 apk game. You can fight different characters one by one until you are defeated. It considered to be one of the best gaming modes in terms of action as you have to defeat another character in a particular period.

Training Mode

Another gaming mode that you might love to play in this Tekken 5 game is the training mode which allows you to learn various moves of your favorite characters by playing the practice match. This mode will help the gamers so that they can use it against other characters.

VS Battle

Last gaming mode of this Tekken 5 apk game that you will get to play in this Tekken 5 game is the VS battle which supports multiplayer. In this gaming mode, you will get the chance to battle with your friends which will increase the excitement level of the gamers.

New Characters On Tekken 5 PC

This Tekken 5 APK game lets you play with 59 characters along with 5 new characters added in the game and can choose your character.

Male Characters

Beck, Bruce, Brian, Christy, Eddie, Hanyu, Heihachi, Huang, Jin, Raja, Kanoon, Lee, Ray, Murdoch, Makujin, Panda, Paul, Steve, Wang, etc.

Female Characters

Alice Buskanovich, XIAOYU, Miharu Hirano, Nina Williams, Kazumi Mishima, Anna, Asuka Kazama, Emilie de Rochefort, Jun Kazama, Anna Williams, Asuka Kazama, Xiao Lin, Christie Monteiro, and more

How To Download Tekken 5 APK 35MB For Android

  • First, you need to get Tekken 5 APK+obb files from the link mentioned in this post.
  • Then go to browser settings and enable unknown sources.
  • After this, simply double tap the apk file of this Tekken 5 game can wait for a while until this Tekken game gets installed.
  • Once it gets installed, copy and paste the Tekken 5 OBB file to the OBB file folder inside the file manager.
  • Now, open this Tekken 5 game and start enjoying the action gameplay of this action-packed game.
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FAQs Related Tekken 5 APK OBB Download For Android

Can we play Tekken 5 on android?

Yes, you can play this Tekken 5 game on any device, especially android. However, your smartphone should meet minimum specifications such as free internal space, the latest processor, 4GB RAM, the latest android version and many more to enjoy a lag-free gaming experience.

Is Tekken 5 the best?

The Tekken game is considered to be one of the best fighting games because of its action-packed gameplay and intense battle scenes. It is worth it for you to play this game on your mobile device as it comes with lots of things that you want.

Final Words

That's all in this post and we are confident that this Tekken 5 APK game will be the perfect choice for you to enjoy the action-packed gameplay as the game comes full of action and intense battles.  One most important thing about this game is that it comes with lots of gaming modes, along with animation effects that make it more enjoyable and thrilling to play on any device. That's the main reason why we are suggesting you try this Tekken 5 game so that you can enjoy the intense fighting scenes.

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