Tekken Tag APK Download (Tournament) For Android 35MB

APP NameTekken Tag APK
Required Android4.0.1 And Up
Last UpdateSeptember 22, 2022

Hello my fellow visitors! Are you a big fan of the Tekken game and want to enjoy the gaming experience? If so, then the Tekken Tag apk game will be the best choice for you because it comes with actionable gameplay that will not make you bored. This game is popular among millions of gamers due to many reasons such as fighting scenes, graphics, gaming modes, and many more that makes them more exciting and happy.

In this fighting simulation game, you have to fight with your friends in a casual game or with your favorite character of your choice. Moreover, it allows you to play with various anime characters that makes the game more interesting than any other fighting game available. Now, let’s discuss more details about this Tekken Tag Tournament APK especially, its features and gaming modes. 

What Is Tekken Tag Tournament APK

Tekken Tag Tournament APK

Tekken Tag Tournament AP is one of the most played Tekken games ever made by Namco Entertainment because of its fighting scenes. Which can be experienced from various devices such as Playstation 2, android, Xbox, and many more. It is also the fourth game in the Tekken fighting series game. Which is played by many players around the world.

Further, in this Tekken Tag apk game,  you will get a chance to play with your favourite anime characters and allow you to encounter other characters in the game in different game modes. This game is mainly about the most popular fighting game developed for the players. The game comes with similar gameplay like other tekken games but comes with more enhanced and attractive graphics that enhance the gaming of the gamers.

Tekken Tag APK For Android Screenshots

Tekken Tag APK
Tekken Tag APK
Tekken Tag APK

This Tekken Tag APK game definitely comes with fighting actionable gameplay that makes the game more fun and interesting. The gameplay is based on 1v1 fighting game which means you will encounter with one character at a time.In addition. This fighting game allows you to play different game modes that are more fun and exciting. One of them is the arcade mode, where you can play different stages with the same character.  In a match, you will encounter the same character in 3 Rounds and the player who won 2 rounds will win that fighting match. Furthermore, the fighting simulation game comes with simple and easy control that you can easily use different moves, combos in the game. That is the main reason why people love to play tekken gameplay instead of any other fighting game.

Tekken Tag Android Mobile Features


Get a 10 hit attack with each character in the Tekken Tag APK download 35 mb game that makes the game more thrilling and enjoyable. The last attack is very difficult and is done against the enemy. Therefore, it is difficult to master all the combinations with such memorable characters as Jane Kazama, Paul Phoenix and Briana Fury.

Easy Controls

Further, this fighting game comes with simple and control. Which is easy to understand that you can easily perform different special moves in the.

Ultimate Moves

In this Tekken Tag APK download ppsspp game, you will get to play with 39 playable characters. Which comes with different special moves which you can use against other gamers to win the particular match or stages. A special moves basically, use for killing and defeating enemies. You can damage and destroy all opponents by performing 10 combos. This ensures that the last move is ready in seconds.

Animated Graphics

Most interestingly, the best part of this actionable fighting game is its animated graphics that makes the game more interesting and enhances the gameplay. You can easily understand this game system. Here you can choose your favorite character. This game has many game modes. In this game, the player’s character is very strong and can easily defeat the enemy.

Completely Free and Safe

This Tekken Tag APK android download game is free to download on any devices because we always provide the game for free. Also, this game is totally safe to play online because it comes with high level security which saves you from unwanted viruses.

Tekken Tag Game APK Characters

Tekken Tag APK game has a huge roster of Tekken characters.After checking the requirements, make sure your game runs smoothly on your Android or iOS device. The game features Kunimitsu, Kazuya Mishima, Kuma/Panda, Jack 2, Bruce Lee, Jun, Julia, Hanryu, Heihachi Mishima, Brian Fury, Anna Williams, Gun Jack, Armorking, Michelle and Beck. Like Rin. Xiaoyu, Imoshimitsu, Nina Williams, Law of the Jungle, Hwoarang, Eddie Gordo, Paul Phoenix and more. Since the game is offline, there is no lag, so if you meet the requirements, you shouldn’t experience any lag.

Tekken Tag APK PPSSPP Modes

Arcade Battle

It is considered to be one of the most played gaming modes of this Tekken Tag APK game in which the gamers will encounter different anime characters in stages. You will have won at least 2 rounds each stage to clear that stage.

Team Battle

Another game mode in this game is Battle Trials in which you will have to complete with another player in team like you will get chance to play in 2v2, 5v5 team match that makes the game more enjoyable,

Story Battle

This game mode has a part where players meet classic Tekken characters like Mishima Saga and a part where many characters meet and make fun videos.

Ranked Battle

It is an online mode of this Tekken Tag APK game where the gamers have to compete with another player online and want to rank on top of the leaderboard. This gaming gaming mode is exciting and thrilling to play which enhances the gaming experience.

Training Mode

In this gaming mode, you will get a chance to learn the moves. Especially special moves and combos pod each character so that you can easily encounter the other player character in the game. In addition, this gaming mode is very helpful for the newbie gamers who want to experience the gaming style.

VS Battle

Moreover, this game mode is considered multiplayer, which allows you to fight with your friends and increase the excitement level of the players. This game mode is very satisfying and fun.

Quick Battle Mode

The last game mode you will play in this Tekken Tag APK download 35 mb for android game is Quick Game where you can play with random AI or computer controlled characters. Which will help the gamers to understand the characters moves and strength.

How To Download Tekken Tag APK OBB 35MB For Android

We have told you a lot about the fighting game, but now it’s time to give you the Tekken Tag Tournament APK download link for Android mobiles and tablets. One of the best reasons to play this fighting game is that it comes with animated graphics that makes the game surrounding and gameplay more interesting and enjoyable. If you have installed the APK file. You can follow the steps to install the game so that you don’t get any error while installing the game on your android or iOS devices.  It’s very safe and you can undo the steps at any time, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You have to simply click the download button to get the game and start enjoying. Its fighting scenes with high quality animated graphics.

  • First you need to download the Tekken Tag APK + obb file from the button below.
  • After this, navigate inside the browser’s settings and give access to the unknown sources permission.
  • Now, you have to double click the apk file of this fighting game and wait for a while.
  • Now, open the file manager and copy the Tekken Tag OBB file inside the OBB folder.
  • After this, open this game and start enjoying its impressive fighting scenes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Tekken Tag available for Android?

Yes, this Tekken tag game is available to android users but their device should follow the minimum specification such as 4GB RAM along with free 2 GB internal storage and should have the latest processor so that you can get lag free and high quality gaming experience.

Can you download the tekken tag  for free?

Yes, you can download the Tekken Tag Tournament APK + OBB for free from the link which we have provided below as we always allow the users to get any game apk file for free so that the users doesn’t need to pay for any game to play. In addition, by using the MOD version, you will also not need to pay inside the game for purchasing any items in the game.

Is the Tekken tag a good game?

The Tekken tag games are considered to be some of the best fighting games due to their action-packed gameplay and intense fight scenes. It is worth playing this game on your mobile device because many people don’t like it.

Is it a Tekken Tag multiplayer game?

Yes, you can play the Tekken Tag with your friend because it supports multiplayer mode which allows the gamers to any other player. However, to play this game with your friend, you may require a console. 

Final Words

That’s it for this post. We believe this Tekken Tag APK game will be a good choice to enjoy the fighting  scenes as it will be full of action and intense battles. I hope you will definitely love the animation effects and gaming modes which enhance the gameplay. This is the main reason why I recommend you to download this Tekken Tag Tournament APK game to enjoy the intense fighting scene.

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