The Forest APK + OBB Data Download For Android/iOS

Hello guys, we hope you have a great day. We have come again with an amazing and exciting game which is famous for its horror scenes and scary storyline which will take your gaming experience to an ultimate level which you can’t think of. The game is The Forest APK OBB which is played by lots of gamers worldwide because it is different from any horror game in terms of action-packed gameplay.

The forest mobile apk is considered to be the best FPS survival horror game which can be played on various devices such as android, iOS, windows, PSO, MacBook, Xbox and many more. Furthermore, the game comes with high quality graphics which will enhance your gaming experience and make it more enjoyable. So, if you want to gather more Information about the forest game, its plot, gameplay and much more, then read till the end.

What Is The Forest APK

The forest apk

The Forest apk is a famous survival horror game which was released and created by Endnight Games for various devices such as PSP4, Xbox One and many more. This survival video game allows you to play two modes i.e. single player and multiplayer. Furthermore, the forest is also well known as a FPS open world as you will have to explore various places.

Additionally, the forest ios game involves an open area of ​​a dense forest. The player will survive in the jungle by building shelters and using various weapons. The player must build, test and survive in the first person to survive in the video game.

The Forest Android APK Gameplay

The forest apk
The forest apk

The forest apk story is full of crazy and fast-paced battles against monsters in the game. The fighting system is based on survival games similar to the ones you will find in your favorite travel game. It begins with Eric LeBlanc and his son Timmy on the plane, until the plane crashes into a small forest filled with woods. The accident saves Eric and his family, but Eric sees Timmy being photographed by a red-haired, unconscious man.

When Eric wakes up from a plane crash, he starts looking for his wife. Forced by the inhumane behavior of the people living on the peninsula, Eric searches for a place in the family. Forest offers suggestions that will help Eric find the person who abducted his family, who occasionally appears far away from Eric but fled when he met him.

Features Of The Forest Mobile APK

HD Graphics

One of the best reasons to play the forest mobile apk is that you will get to enjoy the high-quality graphics which will enhance your gaming experience. In addition, the animation effects during the fight with enemies make the game more exciting and thrilling to play. Also, the 3-D surroundings of the game make you more enjoyable while playing the game.

Open World Game

Furthermore, the forest apk android game is an open world game which means you will get to explore various locations that will make you more enjoyable. You can explore the location of forests such as caves, peninsula, beach hunt village, Center village, lakeside village, seaside village, waterfall village, main village, geese lake, obelisk, sinkhole, the plane, various camps, Mountain area and many more.

Use Weapons

Most important, you can use various weapons to defend yourself from the enemies inside the forest download game. In addition, you can also use various useful tools which help you to hunt the animals and many more things. Axe, Katana, Spear, Chainsaw, CrossBow, Flare gun,  Flintlock pistol, Bomb,  Arrow, and many more are the weapons which you can use in the game.

Collect Useful Items

In addition, in the forest mod apk, you can collect useful items which you can use when you need them. You can collect various items such as Air Canister, Aloe Vera, Arm, Arrows, Animal Skins, Batteries, Berries, Bone Armor, Bomb, Cash,  Cassette Tapes, Chainsaw, Cloth, Coins, Crossbow, Dynamite, Hairspray, Keycard, Lighter, Meat, Amanita Mushroom, Old Pot, Outfits, Rabbit Fur Boots and many more.

Perform Crafting

This is considered to be the best feature of the forest apk download game as you can create useful items by combining two or more items. To create the item, you have to place any one item in the inventory and right click each item and they will automatically combine. Like, to create molotov, combine  the cloth and bronze. You can  craft various items like axes, slingshot, bow, club, stick, rock, spear, arrow, bow, and many more.

You Should Know About Of The Forest Android No Verification

The forest apk obb game takes place in a seemingly remote wooded area where the main character Eric Le Blanc and his son Timmy survive after surviving a plane crash. To save his son, Eric must find a way to get back to his wrecked plane, while battling against hordes of zombies and other ghosts. If you like some scary adventure games, Forest might be your game. Explore and create throughout the day. Guard the night with your heart. Weapons and technology. Take shelter at night or fight directly against your opponent. How to make a living, hiking in the woods and cutting down all the trees and vines.

Find an extensive network of underground tunnels and lakes. Crash solo or with up to eight players in collaboration with your teammates. You can also use cheats to avoid enemies or interact directly with green weapons made of sticks and stones. Cut down trees to camp or set a fire to warm yourself. Use it so you don’t get hungry. Find and plant seeds to grow food. You can also protect yourself from varying types of enemies who appear human and have beliefs, families, and morals. Play alone or with 8 friends to gain a sense of survival.

Game Requirement

  • Operating system: Android  5.0+ and Windows 7 SP1, 32-bit.
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo E2200 2.4GHz in windows and latest processor in the Android.
  • RAM: 4GB.
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT / Radeon HD 4830 in windows and Dual core Snapdragon 888 in android.
  • HDD space: 5GB.


As we know, the forest apk no verification game is also well known as a first-person survival open world game which will enhance your gaming experience. As soon as you wake up from a wrecked plane, you find that your child has been abducted by mysterious human-like monsters. At this point, the hero cannot do anything as he is paralyzed by shock and what is going on around him.

The main task of the gamers in the game is to find the son of the hero, you have to find a place to enter the mysterious cave, but before doing this, make sure that the hero is well-armed, armed and has lots of torches.

Quick Information Of The Forest Download APK

App NameThe Forest
File Size90.2MB + 1.52GB
Latest VersionV2.08.7
ModeSingle Player
Operating SystemAndroid/iOS
Android VersionAndroid 7.0 and Above

How To Download The Forest APK OBB Data For Android

  • Firstly, you have to get the forest apk OBB file from the download link mentioned below in this article.
  • Secondly, you have to go inside the security setting of your phone and allow the unknown source permission to install the third Party application.
  • After this, double tap on the apk file of the forest game inside the download folder.
  • Now, you simply have to tap on the install button and start the installation process.
  • Then, wait for a while until this game gets installed.
  • Once it gets installed, copy the forest OBB file and paste it in the Android /OBB data file folder inside the file manager.
  • Now, you have to open the forest game and enable all the required permissions.
  • Lastly, start enjoying the gameplay, gaming modes and animated graphics of the forest game.


That’s all about the forest apk pc game as we are confident all your queries regarding this horror simulation game will get resolved after reading the whole article. One more important thing about this game is that it comes with lots of thrilling moments which you have to enjoy while playing the game. Furthermore, its storyline and gameplay is totally unique and different from any other horror game. That’s why, we suggest you try the forest game and start enjoying the gameplay along with high quality graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the forest be played on mobile?

Yes of course, you can play the forest game on a mobile device. Moreover, this game is made for both the android and iOS users because of its popularity among the users and more gamers can play this amazing game. In addition, you will get the same gaming experience like what you get in the PC version but the main difference you may feel is the graphics.

Is the forest free?

The forest game is totally free to play on any device. Also, you can get the game from the link mentioned below in this article for free. It means you will enjoy the mod features of the game, if you download this post. As you will get to enjoy various features which you will get to see in the original version like unlimited game currency, unlimited health, and many more.

Is the forest scary?

As you know, the forest is a popular horror game which comes with lots of scary moments. However, it totally depends upon you whether you will get scared or not as the developers have worked hard to make it scary so that the gamers can enjoy the game. So, in my opinion, you may get scared while playing the game because of its theme, scary voice, graphics, scary scenes and many more things which will definitely make you scared.

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