Tom And Jerry Chase APK + OBB Download For Android/iOS

Name Of APKTom And Jerry Chase APK
Size55 MB
Offered ByNetEase Games
RequirementsAndroid 7.1 and up
GenreCasual Mobile Game

If you miss the nostalgic and classic Tom and Jerry show, get ready to be amazed by playing the Tom and Jerry Chase apk game, an exciting game that revives the classic art style of the original show. Plus, you can play as Jerry or Tom in Wild Hunt, relive classic scenes from the show and relive your childhood in this amazing game.

In the Tom and Jerry Chase download iOS game, popular characters like Tom, Jerry and Butch have a daily task of fighting each other and chasing each other for fun. The main reason why gamers are interested in this game is that it is inspired by a popular American show and comes with engaging gameplay along with an interesting storyline. So let’s know more about Tom and Jerry games, especially the gameplay. Let’s talk about information.

What Is Tom And Jerry Chase APK

Tom And Jerry Chase APK

Tom and Jerry Chase is a Chinese isometric multiplayer action game that requires four mice to face cats on a special map full of objects. This game is offered by NetEase games for various devices and allows the gamers to play the role of any character which you like like Tom or jerry. It is also considered one of the best action adventure game in which you will enjoy the intense chase between Tom and Jerry. Naturally, the Tom and Jerry Chase apk mod game allows the player to control each of these two characters during an endless journey.

Also, even though it is a 1v4 competitive game, the inclusion of the famous cartoon character Tom and Jerry in the game adds a fun style to the game. NetEase has licensed games featuring characters from your childhood from Warner Bros. that will create a nostalgic feeling when you enter the game. In this classic game, the cartoon Tom and Jerry is recreated in the original style.

Tom And Jerry Chase APK + OBB Gameplay

Tom And Jerry Chase APK
Tom And Jerry Chase APK
Tom And Jerry Chase APK
Tom And Jerry Chase APK

If you know or have played isometric multiplayer games, you will quickly become familiar with the Tom and Jerry Chase apk. Basically, you can choose to side with the cat or the mouse. The chase is like a cat chasing a mouse. In this game, if you choose a mouse, then you have stolen cheese without being caught by the  cat. Whereas , if you choose a cat, then you have to try your hardest to stop the mouse  from going inside the hole and also don’t allow it to steal the cheese. Moreover, the controls of this game are so simple that you can control the character using touch arrows.There are also skill buttons for each character that you can learn as you level up, just like in any other multiplayer isometric game.

Tom And Jerry Chase MOD APK Features

Games With High Graphics

One of the main reasons to play Tom and Jerry Chase apk download for android games is the high quality graphics that make the game exciting. Also, the quality of the game’s graphics makes you feel like you’re watching a Tom and Jerryshow. Also the 3D animation environment makes the game more interesting and exciting and many people like to play this game.

Play With Friends

Tom and Jerry Chase game online allows you to play your own games with friends, just like any other multiplayer games, but with 5 players instead of 10. Connect and chat with your friends in-game without any additional software.

Easy Controls

This Tom and Jerry Chase apk game comes with simple controls that make the game more fun and entertaining. A simple control system allows comfortable control of game characters. In addition, the control options include location controls to help you send your in-game location to other players. You can carry all farming tools along with the tools in your inventory. You can even manipulate specific characters for field manipulation.

Tom And Jerry Chase Mobile APK Latest Updates


The character of Tom and the character of Jerry are the most prominent historical characters of the film. However, Tom and Jerry Chase includes characters rarely seen in the series such as Butch, Lightning, Jerry Robin Hood, Detective Jerry and Taffy to add variety to the game. Each character has a unique skill. Please read carefully before entering the competition. The game focuses on aesthetics, especially when the characters have their own clothes.

Open World

The most interesting part is that this Tom and Jerry Chase apk game is known as an open world game because it allows players to explore different areas. It is similar to the original performance which makes the game more fun and playful.

Endless Game

It’s no doubt, the Tom and Jerry game download had the best series ever, it’s over” episode. It has 1000 episodes but they are very repetitive. However, this game is not like the anime because it is an endless game and you will never see the same thing twice. With enough tools and resources, you can level up the game, which makes the game more interesting.


Tom and Jerry cartoons are associated with our childhood. The story is told in three words “mouse chase”, but it is interesting for the audience, children and adults. Not wanting to lose the original identity, NetEase incorporates the story of the original film into the game, creating a chase that mimics the story of the film rather than developing it in a genre different from the original content. But it’s not fair when a big cat is against a small mouse.

Various Gaming Modes On Tom And Jerry Android APK

Classic Mode

It is basically s 4v1 Classic Mode of this Tom and Jerry Chase apk where the mouse pushes the cheese to save his friend and tries to escape from the cat, but the cat blocks the mouse and has to be chased away, The game ends when at least two mice escape or when 3 mice are dispatched or time runs out.

Rank Mode

Same as classic mode, but only happens when your rank is diamond or higher, and your rank will increase or decrease depending on the outcome of the battle. If you want to earn interesting rewards, then you may have to score more and higher than other gamers. 

Random Mode

A random mode of this Tom and Jerry Chase apk that everyone can enjoy. Learning situations may or may not be routine. Random mode does not count towards your character’s objective, but counts as a chase attempt.

Clone Battle

Same as classic mode, but you can’t freely choose cats. Instead, a random cat is selected (based on the number of available cats). Rats can still be freely selected, but a random rat (usually from the teammate who was blocked last, or a teammate who has selected the same rat multiple times) will be selected and locked with the rest of the team.

5v5 Team Mode

In this game mode, teams of 4 mice and 1 cat face off against the opposing team. Battles take place in the same order as in classic mode, with some changes. Cake experience increases from 3 to 6 in Big City and 8 in Jungle Ranch.

How To Download Tom And Jerry Chase APK + OBB Data For Android

As we said, the Tom and Jerry Chase game is different from other games as it is simple and enjoyable to play. Most importantly, the game’s theme brings familiarity and intimacy. Now you can download the Tom and Jerry Chase APK, download the latest version from below and enjoy your childhood moments while playing this amazing game.

  • You have to download the Tom and Jerry chase APK + OBB file from the download button.
  • Then you need to go to security settings and enable unknown sources.
  • After activation you need to go to the download folder and double click the apk file and wait for a while.
  • After installation, copy the  Tom and Jerry chase OBB file and place it in the appropriate folder in the file manager.
  • Finally enjoy the gameplay and game modes of this Tom and Jerry chase game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Tom and Jerry Chase a multiplayer game?

Yes, the Tom and Jerry Chase apk chase game is a multiplayer game that supports multiplayer mode which allows the gamers to play with their friends or with other gamers worldwide. This feature makes the game more enjoyable and interesting for the gamer so that they never get bored while playing this game.

Can we download Tom and Jerry Chase for free?

You can download the Tom and Jerry chase  for free from this website as we always provide a free apk file to the users so that they don’t waste their money while purchasing any game.

Is Tom and Jerry: Chase available on android?

Yes, the Tom and Jerry chase game is available for the android devices and can enjoy the gameplay in high graphics on that android which comes with 4 GB RAM along with the latest android version and 6GB free storage.

Is Tom and Jerry Chase a good game?

There’s no doubt the Tom and Jerry chase game is a good game because it comes with an interesting storyline and engaging gameplay that makes the game more interesting and enjoyable for the gamer. In addition, you will love the graphics of the game which makes the game surrounding more realistic.

Final Words

Well, after reading this article, I hope you can download all the information about this Tom and Jerry Chase apk game. However, if you have any questions about this game, please comment below. Another important thing about this multiplayer isometric game is that it has an interesting story mode and adventure game that makes the game more fun and exciting. So we suggest you play and download this  Tom and Jerry chase game on your mobile device and enjoy the game.

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