Yandere Simulator APK Free Download For Android (No Verification) 2022

Hello buddies, today we have come back with another simulation game which comes with bright and colourful graphics. The game is Yandere simulator APK No Verification which has been in the Manga cartoon style that enhanced the gaming experience Yandere Simulator iOS of the gamers. If you like to play action video games, then this will be an excellent choice because of many reasons.

Yandere simulator android game helps you people to enjoy school and start enjoying it’s interesting gameplay and unique gaming style. Furthermore, the story of this game is full of romance which allows you guys to enjoy different endings and outcomes. So, if you want to know more about this Yandere simulator game, then follow the post till the end.

What Is Yandere Simulator Android APK

Yandere Simulator iOS

Yandere simulator is a popular and trending stealth action game  which is played by lots of gamers worldwide. Furthermore, it is offered by YandereDev and can be played on various devices such as windows, iOS, android, iOS, and many more.  Most importantly, in this yandere simulator apk android game you are playing the role of girl student i.e. Ayano Aishi, nicknamed “Yandere-chan”, who has a crush on a schoolmate.

As you know, there are lots of simulation games in different genres such as horror, wrestling, football, battle royale games and many more but this. Yandere simulation game comes with many unique features. In the latest version of this game, the developer has made many new updates such as addition of new VHC effects, new gaming modes, improved graphics quality and safety of the game, and many more.

Story Of Yandere Simulator APK Without Verification

The storyline of this yandere simulator apk no verification game is about a girl named Andre-Chan. Who is a disgraced Japanese high school girl who falls in love with classmate Taro Yamada, Senpoi. Within ten weeks, another girl falls in love with Tarot, who becomes Iano’s target. The player has the ability to kidnap, harass, poison, turn on electricity, make matches and stabilise opponents, make friends with fellow students. Play small games, reach a town where a player can earn and spend money and much more.

Features Of Yandere Simulator Mobile iOS

The best part of this yandere simulator apk android 2021 game is. That it comes with high quality graphics which make it a more exciting game to play. Additionally,  the surroundings of the game make you feel good.

Use different Weapons

Furthermore, this simulation game allows you to use 20+ weapons that can be used by. The vomers to kill the other players inside the game which make it more enjoyable and entertaining for the gamers.  Scissors, screwdriver,  box cutter, baseball bat, shovel, fire extinguisher, the pipe wrench are some of. The weapons which you might use during the match.


One of the main reasons to play this yandere simulator ios game is that it comes with many characters that makes the game more enjoyable and exciting. Ai Doruyashi, Aika Iseri and many more are character which you meet.

Join Various Clubs

Furthermore, the yandere simulator iphone game allows you to join various clubs. Which will help you to spend your free time in these clubs. In addition, it will affect the Student behaviour and make the game more enjoyable. There are lots of clubs in the game such as light club and many more.

Eliminate Students

Furthermore, in this Yandere simulator game you have to eliminate various students and rivals inside the game. You can use 15 different methods to eliminate them such as poisoning, killing them and many more.

Gameplay Of Yandere Simulator iOS Free

Yandere Simulator APK No Verification
Yandere Simulator APK iOS

Like most sandbox or simulation games, Yandere simulator apk game focuses on imagination and ingenuity as it achieves the same goal. It takes a unique approach to give you a very long journey. In a way that makes love and love scary, the game comes with mechanics like Hitman. To keep Senpoy from being attracted to other girls, you can commit murder and assault. At various points, you can explore new weapons, interact with other characters and take a closer look at Senpou.

As an exciting muder mystery, you should keep an eye on the witnesses. You also need resources to get the blood out of your hands. Although Andre-Chan is often involved in murder, it is your responsibility to make sure that he does not get caught. In addition to portraying violent scenes, in this game you will need to collect items for the temple built by Senpai. However, the most important thing for the gamers inside the game is to make Senpai fall in love with Andre-Chan.

Gaming Modes On Yandere Simulator APK PC Game

It is the main gaming mode of this yandere simulator ipa game in which the gamers have to eliminate the 10 rivalsin each week. This makes this mode more exciting and thrilling to play.

  • This mode is popular for its gameplay which will never end. However, the main motive to play this mode is to achieve a high score instead of acquiring Senpai.
  • This is the most interesting mode of this Yandere simulator apk game where the gamers can play as Ryoba Aishi, Ayano’s mother. Also, you can’t use phones, internet, Info-chan, or anything else as it didn’t exist in the 1980s.
  • Another mode where the gamers can pose the selecting children from their class and can change their body parts or hairstyle according to your choice.  
  • The darkest mode of this yandere simulator game in which it provides a more serious atmosphere, if Easter Eggs are removed.
  • It is the last gaming mode in which the gamers have to complete various missions like killing some students or anything else. Also, the difficulty level increases while completing the missions.

In a short time, yandere simulator android no verification game became very popular all over the world because it comes with a variety of fun and exciting twists, collaborations and cool graphics. However, it does come with some minor bugs to fix in future updates. In addition, Yandere simulator apk is also well known as a popular Open World sandbox game as well as exciting visual information. In addition, the Andre Simulator apk game has an attractive and fun plot, which always comes with the decisions you make for the character.

New Updates Yandere Simulator Mod APK

You will be excited to know that in the latest update of the Yandere simulator apk game. The developers have added many new features which we have mentioned below.

  • The developers have added new gaming modes inside the game which is 1980s mode which have a similar storyline.
  • Furthermore, they have also added VHC effects while playing the game which make it more enjoyable.
  • In addition, they have improved the graphics quality as it makes it more colourful and bright.
  • Also, the new soundtrack makes the game more attractive and exciting to play.
  • Most importantly, they have fixed all the bugs or errors of its previous version.
  • Also, they have added new weapons in the game to make the gameplay more intense.
  • The best part is that they have made the control pad more advanced to make it easier for the gamer to control the character inside the game.

How To Download Yandere Simulator APK OBB Data For Android No Verification

  • The first process is to download yandere simulator for android + OBB file by tapping the link mentioned in this post.
  • Secondly, enable the unknown source permission by going inside the browser setting.
  • Then, click the Yandere simulator apk file by navigating inside the download folder.
  • After this, you have to wait for a while until this game gets installed.
  • Once it gets installed, you do not have to open this game, instead copy the Yandere simulator OBB file in the right folder inside the file manager.
  • Now, you can open this Yandere simulator game and give access to all necessary permissions.
  • Lastly, start enjoying the gameplay and graphics of this game.

Last Words

Hope you will love the gameplay and graphics of this Yandere simulator apk game as it brings your gaming experience to an ultimate level which you can’t imagine. Furthermore, we are confident that we have covered all your queries regarding this simulation game in this post. One more thing about this Yandere simulator game is that it comes with a new game mode i.e. prequel mode or 1980s mode which have similar storyline to that of main story.

However, this simulation game is also well known for its VHS effects and an interesting soundtrack during the gameplay. That’s why, this stealth action game is played by lots of gamers worldwide. So, we recommend you guys to download and play this Yandere simulator game on your mobile device and start enjoying its gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I play the Yandere simulator on iOS?

You can play this Yandere simulator game on an iOS device because the developer of this game made it for both the users Android as well as iOS. Furthermore, to get the lag free gaming experience, your phone should follow the minimum system requirements like a 4GB RAM phone along with the latest iOS version and processor.

Is Yandere simulator safe to download?

Yes of course, this Yandere simulator is totally safe to download from this website as we always provide virus free files to my users. So, you can trust me and can download it from the link mentioned below. Furthermore, in terms of security the Yandere simulator is considered to be the best game.

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