Welcome my delighted friends and awesomised visitors. I welcome you all to my playful and wonderful website. Which is android1roms.com containing many high tech games. These games have ultra high definition graphics and new gen gameplay. Plus these games are easily accessible and playable in your Phones. Which are android and IOS devices to be precise. Since that is done, the game which i have for you all today is a fighting game. Although the game is not just any ordinary fighting game, it’s of Ultraman. You may have been familiar with ultra man by childhood anime. This time, the game is about ultraman and its character having a fighting game. The name of the game is Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 PPSSPP isoroms.

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 ppsspp romsmania provides fighting experience just like the live anime. Although there are other past games about ultraman fighting evolution. But this game is just the best one out of all of them. This game have a whole 40 Characters in the Characters list. This is typically the third every game released in ultraman fighting evolution series.

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 PPSSPP ISO Download Information

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 PPSSPP

Ultraman fighting evolution 3 is a very special fighting video game. Where the developers of the game are Banpresto and the publishers are Banpresto. The game is based upon the original TV show and the anime show. Where you can even experience the original events in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 romsmania. Every special and memorable scene can be experienced in a game style.

These memorable scenes of Tv series can be play in Ultra mode which is the story mode. Aside from this there are other game modes available as well. Which are like Versus mode, Battle mode, Tag mode, Custom mode, Practice mode, tutorial mode. I can bet no one will be able to get bored from game when they have this much variety to play. If we talk about the Characters available in the game.

Then i must say that the game have total 40 Characters in it. Each of these Characters are from Tv series or anime series. There are some non playable characters as well in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 rom. Which aren’t accessible to players to control but are in other modee. The combat system is very intresting where you dodge, parry, deflect and attack. All of the attacks from original ultraman is included in the game.

Features Of Ultraman Fighting evolution 3 PSP Game

  • Take over the control of over 40 ultramans included in game from the original TV series Ultra man.
  • Many games mode available just for you, the players to enjoy the game to its really fullest.
  • Original storyline which follows the storyline of our childhood Ultra man TV show or series.
  • All of the moves which you saw and loved in the Tv series or anime series in available to use here.
  • Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 download ppsspp pc is a free to play game with no cost to spend at all.
  • The requirements to run this game are only 1GB RAM free in Device and 1GB internal space for file.
  • Fight, deflect, defend, attack, grab, throw, use the beam and do all of the battle elements which ultra man do.
  • The game originally was made for PlayStation 2 but now available for players to experience in ppsspp emulator.
  • Along with many ultra man available as playable characters, we even have the monsters from that series here to play.
  • Even the soundtracks which plays during the match or at the menu is the official soundtrack from the TV series of ultraman.

Number Of Stages In Game

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 English Patch doesn’t only excel in terms of Characters. It also excels in terms of playable stages. These stages are of course directly from the TV franchise. Where some of them are also created just for this game to have them.

  • Saturn
  • Jupiter
  • Golgotha
  • City (Rain)
  • City (Evening)
  • R’lyeh
  • Mount Kirimon
  • Antarctica
  • Monster Island
  • SRC Space Station
  • Newtown District
  • Osaka Castle
  • Hills (Day)
  • Port of Kobe
  • City (Night)

Ultra HD GamePlay

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 PPSSPP
Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 PPSSPP

The gameplay have oversized Characters named ultra man. Ultra man have many kinds of variations into his design. There are other Characters like ultra man as well. Where some are evil and some are good. On this game Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 ppsspp iso though. You play as any Characters you want as being oversized like in TV show. Where you perform many kinds of attacks by all the various buttons. Each buttons in the Characters fighting screen purposes different action.

Arcade Style Characters Selection Menu

As already mentioned above, there are total of 40 Characters originally from ultraman series. Ultra man series is about alien humanoids which are huge in size. But there aren’t only 1 ultra man type guy out there, there are plenty. Which you can control in this game into any manner you want to. Just get any one of them and brawl against each other in this epic fighting game.

Additional Information About Of Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 PPSSPP Download

Developer NameBanpresto
FilenameUltraman Fighting Evolution 3
ISO Data File Size170MB
Android Version Need4.0.1
Ram Required1.5GB
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Download Game PPSSPP Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 Highly Compressed

  1. Press on the download link below to download Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 Emulator ppsspp ISO Android.
  2. Progress to get the game from below link Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 psp so you can have the file of the game.
  3. When you’re done downloading, just easily extract out the game by any RAR opener app in your following mobile.
  4. Then following that open up your ppsspp emulator and look for file or ROM so you can play the game in ppsspp.
  5. Open up the folder of the game and open the game thumbnail of Ultraman fighting Evolution 3 download for Android.
  6. Proceeding that then change up the settings of the game which includes the Controls of all the ultraman available in game.
  7. Then just play the game and experience the action and the official original storyline of Giant humanoids aliens name Ultraman.


Q1) It’s real Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 PPSSPP ?

A1) Yes it’s real ultraman fighting evolution 3 ppsspp game for android mobile phone and this game hundred percent work on android mobile phone.

Q2) How to download ultraman fighting evolution 3 pc?

A2) Like i inform you this is a ppsspp emulator game and ppsspp emulator is also available for pc (Personal Computer) means that you can download and play this game on your pc.


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